Genesis After Hours

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OOC Date: April 2, 2011
IC Date: November 12, 2122

Only a few days remain until the EAV Genesis launches. Several members of the crew gather to relax after one more long day of training.

The EAV Genesis, Low Earth Orbital Station Seven

The foremost room on this deck is little more than a large chamber dominated by an enormous window. Space blurs past in colorful streaks, stars becoming streamers of light that paint the black of space. There are three levels of seating, separated by four steps down and containing five tables with six chairs at each similar to those in the dining hall. The bottom level is what would be considered the ground floor and extends all the way to the window. This is a place where crew members wanting a more quiet, contemplative atmosphere on their off time might choose to come. A single service robot at one end of the room staffs a small bar where food and drink can be obtained.

The EAV Genesis remains in spacedock. A vessel this size could only be constructed in orbit, visible from the planet below only as a speck of light in the night sky: a star to to wish upon, to carry the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of people. From here, that same planet is a thing of wonder, blue and white and black, half in sunlight, half in shadow, the dividing line visible along the curve of the sphere through the observation deck's great windows. It is here that Commander Victoria Eisley has taken to coming each night for several weeks, after training exercises and endless meetings with members of Earth Alliance. Today has been particularly taxing for her schedule because, as XO and former political liaison, she had the wonderful task of playing host and tour guide for a news crew that wanted the inside scoop on the mission. She stands here now, very near to one of those thick panes, a memorable silhouette against the blue and the black. At easy parade rest, with her feet apart and her hands clasped in the small of her back, she could be almost anywhere, any time, and have left the shell of her body far, far behind. The deck is otherwise deserted as, in these last hours before the launch sequence, people find newer and better ways to distract themselves from making history.

The soft clacking of uniform boots on the gray metallic floor heralds the arrival of another, a ship's Captain. Captain Nandi Ramesh is not a striking figure - he's not particularly tall or overly muscular, and if anything has a more soft and cherubic visage rather than a dashing, handsome one. He would be considered more 'pretty' than masculine, and the fact that he seems to be growing his hair out only adds to that impression. Currently, his wavy black locks hang just past his eyebrows, pushing the boundaries of military acceptability, but if the Commander has learned anything in the past few months from being around the man - a very private, quiet man, it should be noted - it's that he's not as big on regulation as many might like him to be. Was he always so casual? It's hard to say from previous experience around Mars, so whether his more laid back attitude is something new or not isn't clear. It would seem that he has the attitude that none of them are really there as a reward, and that the worst that can happen is they get taken off the project, so they may as well live a little. Still, he makes sure that everything is done to the best of the crew's ability. His relaxed attitude does not translate into a lazy or half-assed mission. Rather, he seems to think that the best results will come from not adding pressure to an already pressure laden crew. "Good evening, Commander."

This rather echoes the commander's perspective on the mission. She was not a volunteer either, but aside from a few initial moments of dismay on being volunteered she has embraced it as well as one can, owning it if not exactly enjoying it. Though she has, in private meetings, expressed some concerns over the nature of the trip there has been nothing at all to imply that this will be a problem. Nothing is lazy, nothing is half-assed, and if they are being sent off to their deaths… well, each of them signed up for that when they joined the armed forces, now, didn't they? The sound of boots on the deck lures her attention and after a moment Eisley turns; it will be another moment before she recognizes the man and shifts from parade rest to attention, hand lifting to salute her only superior officer. "Captain," she greets.

"No need for ceremony," Ramesh replies, "We're not on duty this late." Another example of that more relaxed command style. He lifts a hand, vaguely waving off the salute and perhaps suggesting that she should be at ease. He descends the steps and crosses the deck over towards the Commander at a leisurely gait, his gaze taking in the stars and view of the planet below them in silence as he approaches. "Getting in one last look before we leave?"

It takes only a moment before Eisley does relax, and slightly longer before she turns back toward the panorama of Earth, hands folding behind her again. By that time Ramesh will be nearer, able to share in that same luminous white, blue, and black view. Most of the Pacific is on display, an ocean so much larger now than it was but a century ago. "Yes sir," she answers, but this reply is more habit than formality. It was yes sir on the Columbus, and it will be yes sir until one of them is no more. "It never fails to amaze me how beautiful it is from here. So serene, as if none of the thousands of ills waged across it ever happened."

"I've always thought that if we could see what it is we had," Ramesh muses quietly, standing beside the Commander, "We wouldn't be in such a hurry to destroy it. We're too close to it. Being up here gives perspective, both literal and metaphorical." He studies the view in silence for another moment before glancing over at the woman beside him. "I'm sorry that you find yourself here, Victoria. Your record is deserving of better than this." There appears to be and honest touch of sympathy in his voice when he says those words.

His first thought is left to hang in silence for several moments. The second merits more reaction and more response, though the first comes with a bit of tension, a squaring of the shoulders and a narrowing of the mouth, neither deeply pleased with the idea or the assessment. "And I am sorry that you find yourself here, Captain. This is a strange Purgatory for people presented with damning decisions. I have far less than some to lose by making this trip." Eisley doesn't look at him; rather, she looks at his reflection in the window, focus shifted from that which is far off to that which is right beside. "Sadly, in less than a week none of this will matter. We have only a future to look forward to."

Ramesh nods his head slightly in reply, his gaze still upon the earth below and not meeting hers in the reflection. "My divorce was finalized last week," he replies in a soft, thoughtful tone. "I let her have everything in the settlement. She and the children are going to need it a lot more than I will." He falls silent again for a moment before asking, "And your father?"

Eisley does turn again finally so that she can look at him directly, sober and maybe a little bit sad. "I am sorry," she says quietly. Speculation has been rampant among the crew for weeks about whether the Captain's family would come with him or it; rumor has it there was even a betting pool about whether two half-sized pods were being built or whether they'd just stick his two kids in the same one like a pair of peas. When her unspoken thought is turned back around on her though she becomes wry instead, one corner of her mouth twitching in what is almost a smile. "He'll be all right," she answers. "I fully expect him to be as lively and mean as ever when I retire and come back home."

"Family of the crew are not allowed passage on the ship," Ramesh answers easily. "It would be a conflict of interest, it was decided. As the money was too much to pass up, I accepted this assignment rather than being captain of a small mining vessel on the dark side of the Moon. Not exactly the place to raise a family." He smiles faintly and nods at her assessment of her father. "As you say. They'll be taken care of in my absence, and that is all that matters."

"…ah." That would be one of those things that Eisley probably knew and forgot about. It's one of the hazards of not having any family to speak of, and certainly none to bring aboard. After a moment she tilts her head in the direction of the little bar at the far end of the deck. "Would you care for a drink, Captain? I have a new-found appreciation for those poor souls who provided our orientation upon embarkation."

Ramesh lifts a brow in curiosity at her statement, but nods all the same and gestures towards the bar indicating for her to lead. He follows alongside her. "Do tell," he prods lightly. "I admit curiosity at this… new-found appreciation." The service robot at the bar hums to life as they approach.

"Hello, Captain. Hello, Commander. How may I serve you?"

Eisley moves in that direction, but doesn't answer either the man or the machine until she's found herself a seat at the end of the bar. There she eases down and exhales, losing a tiny bit of the steel in her spine. It lightens her and loosens her up enough for her to put forward her request. "Vodka on the rocks." After Ramesh responds she turns her attention onto him and there smiles thinly. "WNN had an order from on high requiring that someone," read: she, "give them an-depth, guided tour of the ship. Since it is EA property and launching into unobtainability in a few days, they wanted to see everything from bow to stern, and stopped to interview anyone who didn't run out of sight fast enough."

Eyulf steps in from the corridor.
Eyulf has arrived.

Ramesh takes a seat beside her at the bar. "Gin and tonic," he answers the droid in his lilting British tone, folding his hands atop the surface of the bar. "Ah, yes. The news crew. I don't envy you that job. Especially since we have to play at being celebrity heroes when in truth we are anything but."

Captain Ramesh and Commander Eisley occupy seats at the observation deck's little bar, their choice of liquids enough to verify that both are off duty following one more long day of prep work. The Genesis is scheduled to launch next week; the nine months its crew has had to contemplate their individual fates is rapidly running out, like water through a bucket with a hole in its bottom. The highlight of the day is in fact a news crew that came through like a hurricane, demanding the Commander's whole day to play tour guide for nosy reporters. His comment makes her groan quietly. "At this point it doesn't matter what we play at. They will use only the most interesting footage; the rest will be archived for posterity and reused every anniversary from now until we reach New Eden. Each will be subsequently less interesting, dramatic, and emotional than the last, and by the sixth or seventh nobody will care anymore. If we're lucky, they'll release a diamond edition of the footage in time for our first communication from the new planet." These words are dry; she's a pragmatist and a sardonic one at that.
Slipping into the massively windowed deck comes Eyulf, having spent the day, himself, using all of his avoidance training to not deal with the media hounds unless ordered present. Hands folded behind his back and studying the area slowly before he starts towards the bar, head tilting at the site of the Skipper and his XO currently present.

Standing an even six feet two inches tall with corded, rather than bulked, musculature Eyulf Halle's posture is like a predator on alert at best description. A high cheeked face with muddy brown/blond hair that hangs to his shoulders, though often tied back. His jawline and chin hide behind a scraggly mustache and beard that work to cover up the multitude of cut scars that move up his cheeks, over his nose, and one sliding dangerously close to having threatened the right of his gray-green eyes. An inquisitively passive expression is often plastered to his face, the right brow lifted slightly higher than the other.

"I see that you're of the camp that thinks that this ship will actually make it to its intended destination," Ramesh muses, teasing lightly before taking a sip of his gin and tonic once the service robot has handed it over. "Or that New Eden is actually out there - our best scientists have still been unable to verify that the planet exists. There's too much dust and debris around Epsilon Eridani to verify much of anything." Another sip is taken, then the Captain looks over at the woman seated beside him with a more serious expression upon his features. "Does it ever bother you, Commander? That we don't know who they are, or why they gave us all of this, or where they are sending us, and why? I'm reminded of a short story by Frederick Pohl, called 'Punch'."

"No, Captain; I remain in the camp that hopes for the best and plans for the worst." Eisley also collects her glass, though she doesn't drink from it yet. It is lifted and tilted this way and that, clear liquid sliding around ice cubes. "Once I receive Lieutenant D'Anse's final report on the matter, I will forward my own findings to you for a last review. But, as I have told our esteemed Chief of Security, those plans are just another pile of lists of things that aren't going to happen." Speaking of security… her gaze shifts as Eyulf comes onto the deck and she offers him an affable nod of acknowledgment. "It bothers me plenty. I am not familiar with that story, but so far the only thing I can find to be grateful for stasis is that I will not have to spend the next decade wondering what we're speeding off toward. Such doubts are bad for morale and so I get to wave the party banner."

With the nod in his direction, Eyulf's attention turns to the movement, offering a polite return while allowing his path to casually meander in the direction of the pair, looking as if his ears were perked despite his attempts to remain casual. Once within range of the serv-bot though he raises a hand to it, calling out "Tall mug, Hansa, takk…" waiting for his beverage to be placed before him.

The Captain nods quietly, then continues his little reminiscence. "In the story, an alien race introduces itself to earth and gives us cures to all of our diseases, scientific advancements beyond our imagination… One of these aliens, named Punch, accompanies some of us on a duck hunting trip. When he sees the ducks in the blind, he asks why they do not shoot them. The hunters tell him that they do not shoots sitting ducks. 'Interesting,' he replies to them. 'Neither do we.'" Ramesh chuckles at this, apparently finding it funny for reasons known only to him. He sighs once and makes another nod of his head, looking over at Eisley. "Doubts are a luxury that command officers are not afforded, yes. Wherever it is that we're going, we'll find out when we get there, I suppose." He, too, glances back over his shoulder as the Marine enters the observation deck. "Gunnery Sergeant," he greets before taking another sip of his gin and tonic.

Eisley sips finally, closing her eyes for just a moment as if to let the vodka clear her mind. In actuality it probably has the opposite effect, but that is likely the point. "So long as they are not gearing us up to be ducks in flight, we should be all right." What a terrible moral. "We will find out soon enough. Gunnery Sergeant," she greets more audibly once the man is in range, shifting tone and topic between one breath and the next.

When the Skipper and the XO both acknowledge him, Eyulf briefly snaps to attention, letting his beer rest on the bar top. "Sir, Ma'am." looking between the pair for the moment before giving a brief notation. "Swept the tour areas, no hidden media bugs on board - so no worries of us becoming some dumb reality show before we hit full speed." smirking.

Ramesh chuckles and nods. "I guess we should be grateful that the ship isn't called the Mallard," he notes. His attention turns to the Gunnery Sergeant, listening to his report and nodding once. "Thank you, Gunny. I doubt their signal would carry for very long, or show them much of anything interesting since we'll all be in stasis. But that's good to know."

"You don't think they'd want to broadcast us all parading around in our skivvies back home?" Here's another hint that Eisley is off-duty; that is a touch more irreverent than she ever is when on the clock. She smirks into her cup, then ships again before glancing between the two. "I got the impression that the secondary reporter thought I was holding out on them. As if there is some secret information we have that isn't already a matter of public record." If only there were.

Eyulf mrmmms and lifts his beer, taking a healthy gulp and wiping foam from his mustache. "Well they're interested in finding out from us personally what we did to be on this ship… Or why we signed up voluntarily. The public is lazy eh?

"Some nefarious, ulterior motive for the mission? Ramesh asks, seeming both slightly amused and unsurprised by this revelation. "I think it's in their job description to question everything we do. Finding out that we were smuggling some rare material to an alien species in another solar system would be a lot more sexy than the truth - that we're all going to sleep for 10 years while life goes on." He looks to Eyulf. "As far as they, or anyone else knows, we're all here as a prime assignment of great importance."

Eisley smirks again at the ice in her glass, which clinks as she puts the thing down. "We are on a prime assignment of great importance. We're going to baby sit a hundred thousand civilians somewhere, out there. Assuming we don't miscalculate and launch into the sun, get hit by an asteroid, or get turned into a mid-afternoon snack by something out of time." Her head tilts so that she can look at Eyulf, brow lifting slightly. "Several members of the crew were happy to tell them exactly why they volunteered. Some gave them canned answers. Most fled like the rats they are. I doubt WNN will get anything else of interest out of anyone."

Eyulf snorts "It's not really anyone's business though, after all…" holding his beer between both hands. After all, they're the ones who are staying, we are the ones who are going, ja?" shaking his head again. "And as for running like rats, I prefered to not be bothered with them in the first place. Idiotisk diskusjon boksen tid wasters…" slipping briefly in his native tongue as he mutters.

Dominic steps in from the corridor.
Dominic has arrived.

That slide into tongues prompts Eisley to loft an eyebrow at Eyulf, but she otherwise doesn't call him on it. She - and he, evidently - are at the bar at the far end of the deck, recently abandoned there by the Captain who heads off to do more captainy things. The hour is late and growing later - the cosmic clock ticks down toward launch day which looms next week - but he never really does get time to himself. "I'm sorry, Gunny; the next time I have to host a ship full of reporters trying to get their last, best look at the great science fair project I'll decline on the grounds that you prefer they stay away." She smirks a little, then sips again. "I am merely glad that they are all gone."

Eyulf grunts a bit, brow up again, "Not saying that, you have obligations to deal with… I just don't like them. Never have, always made my job quite difficult depending on where I was active." taking another slug of his beer.

"Mmm." The sound might have more meaning than depth, wordless but conveying much about how the commander thinks about the day's scenario in general. "I should have petitioned for an executive assistant. I wonder if it's too late to hire one…" And this is a bit of rhetorical musing on Eisley's part, but she shifts from it onto some less unfortunate subject. "Did I miss anything of note today?"

Eyulf actually lets out a low throated chortle, sitting down finally, "Can't you simply select a flight crew member as an EA? And as for things of note, no… Just me forced to follow behind civilian media making sure they didn't see me checking every move they made aboard the ship."

The pneumatic hiss of the upper entrance door opening and closing is heard, promptly followed by the muttering of an Englishman. Dominic descends to the ground floor, making his way towards the bar. "Bloody wankers the lot of 'em." He says to himself. "Yap, yap, yap. Question after question." His voice then changes into a mocking tone as he mimics a reporter to himself. "Where do you sleep? How does the loo work? Can you see how far this stick is shoved up my ass?" He lets out an audible sigh as he plops down at the bar. "Bottle of whiskey. Fuck the glass." He tells the bot before looking to the others present. "Commander." He then looks to Eyulf. "Gunny."

At least some of that proceeds Dominic to the bar and it's enough to turn Eisley's smile wry again. This is short-lived amusement though. It has to be, as it returns back to sharp neutrality as he invites himself to sit down there with them. "Lieutenant," she returns rather crisply, adopting what should, by now, be a painfully familiar arch tone of command. "Aren't you forgetting something?"

Face splitting into a fairly vindicated sort of smile as he hears Dominic's ranting, which quickly fades to business when she takes on a command tone, mouth half opened to acknowledge the Lieutenant's greeting, simply taking a slug of beer in the interim.

Dominic nods a thanks to the bot before he looks to the Commander, thinks for a second and then smacks himself in the forehead before he looks back to the bartender bot. "And a tequila." He adds to the drink order before he takes a swig from the bottle before he sets them back down. "I vote we don't have reporters on New Australia." He says to the two seated with him before he looks to the other Marine. "How'd it go for you, Gunny?"

"Just a glass of it," adds Eisley, the sharpness vanishing and reducing her to a smirk again. "You're going to need a new liver before we go to sleep at this rate." Her first glass is emptied and slid away; the second is picked up and held, though not yet sampled. "I don't know if we'll be able to curtail freedom of speech. And you two can stop bitching; you didn't have to hold their hands and wipe their asses." She did. All damned day.

Eyulf shakes his head "It didn't… I assigned myself to make sure they didn't place any hidden cams or recorders to watch us in the last hours before we left broadcast range… Counter-Infiltration and avoidance expertise has it's advantages. As I reported to the Captain and our esteemed Commander here, the ship along the tour-line and outlaying passages are all clear… Also some of the access hatches are quite comfortable, I discovered." lifting his beer in salute.

Dominic chuckles softly to the Commander, nodding slightly. "Probably, but at least I have the next ten years to sleep off the impending hanging over that those reporters have brought upon me." He chuckles again before he looks to the Gunny, listing to the report. An eyebrow raises as he slowly starts to nod his head. "Very well done, Gunny. Great initiative." He says, returning the salute by raising the whiskey bottle then taking a swig from the bottle. "What would you both say to a last night out on the town? Get some real food before we're all turned into meat popsicles. Just enjoy ourselves?"

"It won't feel like ten years. I guess there's something to be said for being exsanguinated; maybe they'll take the liberty of taking all the crap out while they're at it." Eisley looks from one Marine to the other, brow lifting slightly. "…tell me you weren't napping while they were asking all those horrible questions about hydroponics." She is at least half serious about that, too; serious enough that the solemnity of it transfers into her consideration of Dominic's question. "That's very tempting," she admits. "I haven't managed to get off since we shuttled up here."

Eyulf laughs aloud at the Commander's inquiry, "A trooper like myself is practically trained to get sack time at every opportunity, but not one like that… As for time on the town, I suppose I could. I figure I'd have to leave behind my personal effects?" patting one of his arm straps O knives.

Dominic smirks and shrugs. "I know this great little dive place in Chinatown. It's like some traditional recipes from before the war and such." He offers in suggestion as the others at least consider his offer. "I'll even pay." He says, chuckling softly before he takes another drink from the bottle in his hands, looking at it. "I wonder how long I can store this in my office without it going bad…" He thinks out loud to himself.

Eisley tilts her head. "Check the knives at the door, Marine. You won't be needing them for a while, I dare say. They won't let you sleep with them, either. I already asked." Dominic's offer requires still more thought and a bit more tequila, but eventually, predictably, she nods. "If you're buying… I'm not convinced the kitchen bots have mastered good Chinese food yet, and I'd rather not wait around for them to do it."

Eyulf grunts at the notion of not being allowed to sleep with his knives, "They could at least let me sleep with one of them, just in case." tugging at his beard a moment, "Ja I could have Chinese, last time I was there I wasn't able to stop for food." eyeing the bottle "Most likely if you kept it out of the storages it would age, and judging by the brand there, some dust on the bottle would do it well now that it's breathed."

Dominic chuckles and nods. "Maybe I can hide it in my chamber. Hide it behind my leg or something." He chuckles and takes another drink from the bottle and then looks to Eyulf as he agrees to some Chinese food then looks to the Commander, seeing if she has made up her mind or not. "Don't worry. You can tell your dad that I'll have you home by midnight." He says to her, teasing her a bit.

Eisley makes pretty short work of her tequila in the meantime and sets this glass empty, upside down, on the bar. "If the liquor supplies ever start to run low, we'll now exactly where to begin looking for replenishment." This vein of teasing makes the Commander groan quietly. "I'm not telling him anything. I outrank him by about six steps; the last thing I plan to do with my last week in shooting range is to tell him what I'm doing with my personal time."

Eyulf gets to his feet, draining off his beer and setting down the mug, "Ja, especially when the message includes going out on the town with two born killers such as we eh?" fingering the release clasps for all of those bandoleers and straps on his person.

Dominic smirks as he stands as well, sliding the bottle towards the bot. "See that this gets put in storage for me. I'd like it to be drinkable in ten years." He says to the bot before looking to the others. "So, shall we then?" He asks, looking between the two as he makes sure he doesn't leave anything behind then to Eyulf. "You can drop 'em off in your quarters and we can all meet up just outside the ship."

"I don't know who he'd shoot first," admits Eisley as she too stands up. A moment is spent reflexively fussing with her uniform, straightening it, which leads to her next thought. "This shuttle bay, or the one Earthside?"
Apparently the Genesis is actually in orbit; it's far too large to have been constructed on the planet, and thus is some three million plus tons of metal floating around really, really high up. "I'll meet you there in twenty minutes. I'd hate to miss my last chance at a L'Anse-bought meal."

Moving already for his own quarters, Eyulf is removing his bandoleers on the go… He does have quite a few, and who knows what short-cuts he's figured out in all of his time on the ship, what with the type of wierdo he appears to be. "Twenty minutes, Copy commander."

Dominic chuckles at the Commander's joke, shrugging. "As long as he doesn't shoot at me first, I'll be happy." He smirks before he watches Eyulf head out to his quarters. "Shuttlebay is where we're meeting." He calls out to the man, also answering Eisley's question as well. Two birds with one stone. He then turns to the Commander. "Shall we?" He asks as he allows her to take the lead.

This will set them all off in roughly the same direction, then: down. Eisley detours to her own quarters for a few minutes for the simple purpose of changing. The reason for that is two-fold, likely involving being off-duty - uniforms are uncomfortable - and not wanting to be recognized as the officer who will likely be on a lot of news screens in a few hours. Anonymity: she likes it. At any rate, in roughly 20 minutes she arrives, as promised, in the shuttle bay, and there commandeers both a little ship and a pilot for it.

Upon arrival to the shuttle deck, Eyulf himself is dressed down for the sake of blending in. Earth tones in shirt and pants, though his choice of dress is clearly that of a man who prefer to live it rough, all of it of extra sturdy make, with tons of pockets for whatever one could want to shove into them. Heading for the shuttle taken by Eisely, he throws on a coat as well to cover up his wrist-comm.

Dominic seems to have the same idea as the Commander, splitting from her as she goes to her quarters, he goes to his. He changes into pretty much what she first bailed him out in. Jeans, t-shirt and his Marine duty jacket. He has his dog tags hanging freely over his shirt with the only attempts to hide his identity comes in the form of a lack of Genesis related items and a pair of wrap around sunglasses since it's day time where they're going. He meets with the others once he's done and heads down to the planet with them. Upon landing in Hong-Kong, it's afternoon for the city and Dominic, smirks. "I love this city." He says as he watches a civilian woman walk past, though hidden, his eyes obviously watching the woman's ass.

Oh, there is probably little mistaking these three for what they really are, but even a few attempts at obfuscation and deflection go a long, long way. Even Eisley wears long sleeves with wide cuffs to cover her Genesis comms device, tailored shirt slightly at odds with comfortably worn jeans and service boots that still have red dust in the seams. "I've only been here once," she confesses as they go. "I stopped in briefly while following the Rim. Too many people here; I couldn't stay long."

Eyulf's stride shifts even as he walks, the swing of his arms, length of time between steps, even the way he turns his head from time to time, murmuring to the Commander as he goes. "Loosen up or it'll be clear you're military, shoulders like that show you're brass… Let the El-Tee take the attention since he has his DT's flapping, ja?" the infiltration nut slowly blending in more and more as he watches the surrounding people.

Dominic nods his head as he looks to the Commander. "Don't worry. We're getting a cab to the far off areas. Away from the tourists. This place is like a local joint." He offers her, making sure his wrist-comm is covered by his jacket sleeve before he leads the way and hails a cab. He glances over his shoulder towards the Gunny. "I don't care if they know I'm a Marine, just don't want 'em knowing that I'm with the you-know-what." He says, his eyes briefly turning up towards the sky before returning his attention to hailing a cab for the three of them.

Suggestions like that amuse Eisley. "Am I that bad?" She wonders aloud. "After six months of leave you'd think I would have settled down a little bit." Granted, that was three months ago and tension rises exponentially as the days run out. Somewhere there's a great cosmic clock ticking down to doom, and after tonight they'll be able to count those that remain on one hand. "If you didn't want them to know that, you shouldn't have brought me. With any luck they won't air any of today's horror story until tomorrow at the earliest, when they get done editing, editorializing, cutting, cropping, and pasting." Whatever psyops she pulled through the interview and tour process will probably be missed by the Genesis crew. "…this better not be one of those strange little places where they serve cockroach on a stick, L'Anse."

Eyulf hrmmmmrmmms at that last little bit/threat from the Commander, brow raised "Haven't had cockroach on a stick in China yet… Africa and Tehran." scratching his beard again and goin quiet to allow for the LT to lead them on, quietly notating the various sniper ledges, blind spots, and other such fun areas that a man of his prior operative would put to use.

Dominic shakes his head and smirks. "Not really, but you could loosen up some. Maybe another drink or two and you'll be fine." He adds as a cab pulls up and he moves around to get in the back seat behind the driver. "Don't worry. I may be a jar head, but I'm not dumb enough to eat bugs unless I have to." He chuckles before he climbs into the cab, giving the driver the address as the others climb in.

Eisley gets in last. That is simply the way things work, maybe a habit. It also gives her the best spot from which to look meaningfully at Eyulf. "What happens in Hong-Kong stays in Hong-Kong," she informs him. "And you," she leans forward slightly to eye Dominic. "I'm done babysitting for tonight. Hell, I'm done for the next decade, as far as I'm concerned. Though I suppose now would be a bad time to tell you what they really make the food out of." A sliver of a grin appears, brief, sudden, sharp.

Eyulf's head cants to the side at Eisley's comment, he doesn't respond at first, but the notion about what the food is made of only brings a small sort of grin back to his features, shrugging "Hund, cat, chicken… It's all meat, ja?" leaning back in the cab seat, still not fully relaxed even in the oh so comfy seat.

Dominic closes the door behind him and buckles up, chuckling as he looks to the Commander. "Dogs and cats." He tells her simply, chuckling and looks to Eyulf as he adds in a bit more. "Exactly. Dog, cat, horse, rabbit. It all tastes like chicken." He smirks as the cab heads off towards the restaurant. His eyes look out the window, watching the city rush by with a slight smirk on his lips as his mind drifts back to his past visits.

"…and yet you still complain about the synthetic meat," observes Eisley, still wry. But that thought will likely be her last as she too turns slightly to look out the window to watch the city pass. The back of a cab is a poor place to pretend at tourism in, but she seems more or less content just to watch now.

"There is a difference between -real- meat and synthetic. You can taste the fake in the synth stuff, no good for me… but I guess I'll have to manage if we have to come out of sleep during the decade." lifting his hand to show his fingers crossed while also finding something that at least looks like imitation wood to knock on.

Dominic looks back and nods in agreement with Eyulf. "See. I'm not the only one who doesn't like it. I can't help it if my taste buds have good taste in food." He says, shrugging slightly. As the cab arrives, it stops in front of a two story brick building with a set of stairs leading up to the front steps and another leading down towards the basement. Dominic pays for the cab ride and climbs out. "Here we are."

Eisley smirks again as she slides on out. "Learn to love it, boys. There's no telling what'll be on the menu later." Once on the sidewalk she pauses to look at the building, up and then down. "Nice place. I'd ask how and why you picked this one, but as long as the kung pao ming har is good I don't think it will matter. And no, I don't care where they stock their larders."

"Well whatever comes up later, I guarantee, if I can stalk it, sneak up, and cut it's throat without having to fire a shot, I'll consider it heaven and the entire operation a frighteningly stunning success…" Eyulf actually moving to hold the door for Eisely… apparently having some sense of decorum.

Dominic smirks as he listens to the two as he watches the cab head off, turning to the building. "Well, I won't tell you then, Commander." He uses her rank since there's no one really around. He starts down the steps towards the basement, heading inside. He glances to Eyulf and chuckles. "I'll remember that when we get there. I'll put you in charge of the hunting parties." He says, holding the door open for the others.

"Just have a care that whatever you're stalking doesn't cause an intergalactic incident," says the Commander with another smirk of her own, sharp; her teeth show, briefly. She goes on down the stairs though and slides through the open door, into the basement restaurant, where she inhales. "Mmmn. Anyway. I'd hate for you to accidentally kill someone's pet. Or holy cow. Or grandmother."

Eyulf grunts a little, following along, checking for tails on instinct. "I'll make sure of things like that, though I hope that wherever we go is uninhabited, and they only assist us from orbit neh?"

Dominic chuckles at Eisley's words as he is greeted by a hostess and asks for a table of three. Before he looks back towards the two. "Yeah, just kill someone's mother-in-law. I don't think it'll cause that much of a problem. Hell, you might be rewarded." He says, chuckling softly as he sits down at the table they're taken to, leaving on his jacket to keep the comm device covered.

Eisley also has a seat, orienting her chair at a subtle angle, one that puts her back more to a wall than to wide-open floor. "We'll just have to wait and see when we get there, I suppose. At this rate we won't have to wait much longer. Which reminds me; I need your final report so I can finish up my notes for the Captain." This last bit is meant particularly for Dominic, but it is conversational anyway. The subject matter is transparent enough, since it's been a pet project for months.

Also maneuvering himself to keep his back to a wall, Eyulf shifts and shimmies a bit, eyes flicking from person to person. He even fidgets with the stuff already on the table, as if he were expecting filthy red commie spies to fly out at him any moment.

Dominic gets to play decoy as he has no wall to put his back to. He just nods as he opens one of the menus that are set down on the table before drink orders are taken, ordering a green tea for himself. "I already sent it when I changed. It should be there when you get back to your quarters." He quickly decides what he wants and sets down the menu on the table. "Pretty much everything here is good." He offers as advice.

Eisley seconds the request for green tea, then spends a few moments pouring over the menu. "Efficient. I like that. It'll give me something to do tonight instead of sleep." Which is, for all intents and purposes, an extremely serious response to his comment; it lacks some of the mordancy of -many- previous comments. "So of all the places left on Earth you could have picked, L'Anse, why this one?" The question has circled back around, and by the asking of it she attempts, at least, to steer the conversation away from work, away from space, away from the awful, hungry darkness that awaits their future.

After perusing over the menu, for his own drink order Eyulf makes his order in a variation of the local dialect, even gabbing a bit with the server, genially, hands lifted in a joking shrug. He lets Eisley handle getting things back off of the op pointing out a few things on the menu with the server, still jabbering away.

Dominic nods his head. "That's my plan too. I plan on going back on the very last shuttle and not going to sleep until I get frozen." His voice has lowered slightly in the presence of the waitress. "If I'm going to be asleep for that long, the last thing I wanna do is sleep." He chuckles before placing his order after Eyulf is done. "Number four." He says, holding up four fingers before he hands the menu back and looks to the Commander. "Because of all the places on Earth that I've been, this is the one place that I haven't been thrown in jail at and this place let's me feel relaxed and not on edge all the time."

Eisley knows enough Chinese to order from the menu, anyway; she settles on spicy shrimp and noodles, as well as scallion pancakes. Her menu is also handed back to the waitress, freeing her up to twist off another smirk for Dominic. "I see," she says. "Well, let's try not to scratch this one last place off your checklist. I know you miss the good old days, but at this point I'd have to send, oh, Halle here to bail you out and you wouldn't like that nearly as much." She's probably teasing. "I suppose I can see that, though there are a few too many people here, still."

Eyulf's head cants to one side at Eisley's notion. "I could easily treat it as a POW extraction, and I could just keep it to severed leg tendons and removed patella instead of standard kill orders…" giving a big toothy grin to the commander.

Dominic starts to say something to the Commander as the server heads back to deliver the order, but stops and looks to Eyulf. "I hope you're referring to my detainees and not the one you are sent to extract. I'd hate to have to punish you for that from my wheelchair." He looks up as the drinks are delivered. The tea is in a single pot and two tea cups are placed in front of Dominic and Eisley. He lets the Commander pour hers first.

Eisley offers a similarly toothy smile back to Eyulf. "Oooh, I love it when you talk dirty." She teases. Mostly. But then there is tea to pour and she goes about that, careful not to spill; Dominic is on his own when it comes to that, as she picks her cup up with two fingers from each hand and both thumbs in an elaborate little embrace, drawing it up to breathe in the steam. "Just don't go provoking the locals. As amusing as it might possibly be to leave behind a mess for someone else to clean up, I don't think that is how any of us want to be remembered."

Eyulf mrmms and nods to the server when a bottle of particularly nice looking plum wine is set before him and a class. A few bills pulled out of a compartment inside one sleeve and set down. "Not going to make you pay for that, Sir…" licking his lips and pouring himself out a measure of the liquor. "As for a tangle with the locals, I am of the mindset of keeping as one of the few of the crew with a clean record, eh?"

Dominic chuckles at the exchange between the two as he pours himself the tea after the Commander's finished. He picks it up with one hand, taking a drink of the tea. He looks to Eyulf with a small smirk. "I think you're with the wrong group if you wanna keep that clean record of yours. I've got a record about as long as the ship's manual." He smirks as he looks to Eisley. "And her's is even longer than mine." He looks back to Eyulf. "She's a bad influence."

"Oh please," retorts the Commander dryly. "The only disciplinary infraction on my permanent record was as an ensign. One, Lieutenant." She holds up a single finger as if to illustrate this magic number. "If you sling enough shit at a wall eventually something will stick." Tea is sipped in the meantime just as primly as she can manage; considering she turns on that rigid, cold facade like flipping a switch, this is a pretty arch performance.

Eyulf dips a finger into his wine and flicks a few droplets in the direction of the commander, "We're out and about, relax - like you said earlier." yeah, cause ol' watchin' the shadows is one to talk.

Dominic nods as he looks back to the Commander. "Oh. That's right. I forgot they covered the other stuff. I won't tell anyone else. I promise." He teases again before he looks to Eyulf. "Right. This is our last night. What's the one thing you wanted to do, but haven't? We can go do it after dinner then we can do what Eyulf here wants to do after that. That way we can have one last adventure."

Eisley merely shakes her head. If it's bait, she doesn't take it, and falls quiet anyway because waitress radar picks up food being brought to their table. As plates are laid out she sets her cup down and straightens. "I don't know," she answers. "Though it's funny that you should insist this is our last adventure. I tried to get my fill of everything I'd missed about Earth while on leave. Anyway, anything I have left to do won't include you gentlemen, I'm afraid. Halle?" An expectant gaze is turned on him; his turn for ideas.

Eyulf roars suddenly at the not so subtle overtones left in Eisley's comment. Leaning back and living up to the boisterous Norse-man stereotype, his own platter of noodles beef strips and mushrooms presented. "I don't think we have time to do the last thing I would want to do here - unless you think it's possible to actually get me close enough to put a knife between the ribs of the Russian PM, a certain despot in Ecuador, and a squirrely little man in the French Consulate Building located in Sydney."

Dominic laughs at Eyulf's last wish as he looks at the food being delivered. He picks up a pair of chopsticks and adjusts them in his hand before he takes a bite of a piece of the shrimp, nodding his approval. "Well, I don't see a problem with doing that if the Commander don't. Sounds like fun actually." He says before taking another bite of his food.

Eisley wields her chopsticks as well, though she smirks at Eyulf's interpretation of her comment. Nothing further is said about that either though and so it will have to go… largely unaddressed. "I don't believe we'll have time to get through all of that in one night, I'm afraid. Maybe one, but not all three. Someone will notice that we're gone from the ship, and then they'll track our lovely little charm bracelets, and then all three of us will spend the next five days writing essays about how our mission has nothing to do with the rogue nations anymore." A piece of shrimp is washed in sauce, lifted, and bitten into.

Eyulf flicks his hand slightly, "Precisely, damned bracelets… It could be pinned to me then, and I can't have that record tarnished either" tipping a wink and picking up his own sticks, shoveling some mushroom and noodles down his gob. "Either way, I'm fine for tomorrow… I just want off of this damn planet as soon as possible."

Dominic looks to Eisley as he swallows his food. "That's not true. If we perform carefully synchronized assassinations, we could easily knock out all three of them before we're even noticed." He says, picking up his tea and taking a sip before he sets it back down. "Though I'm not wholly excited about the idea of writing essays. I hate writing and would probably just write 'Fuck off' over and over." He smirks as he takes another bite, looking to Eyulf and nods in agreement with his last statement.

Eisley eats just slowly enough to imply that she is bound and determined to enjoy her last meal, and forgoes use of the chopsticks periodically to pick up triangles of scallion pancake to dip into the dinner sauce. "But that would defeat his wish to get close to all three of them. If you do it for him while he's nowhere near…" Point one. Point two makes her smirk again. "Is that what will be waiting for me to read when I get back to quarters tonight? Why, L'Anse, I didn't know you cared -so- much."

Dominic shakes his head. "No. That's duty. That's not an essay that would be pointless and not in my job description." He says with a smirk. "I know, it's hard to believe, but care I do. I'm such a compassionate guy. What can I say? It's a curse." He takes a piece of the chicken and takes a bite.

Eyulf hrmmms, checking one of the chopsticks, and leanin to quietly palm another pair as one server walks past. "If someone demands an essay of me, it may be the most horrificaly poor last order to give for that officer…" shoving the stolen pair up one of his shirt sleeves. "But either way… I can live knowing that I won't have to deal with those three wherever I'll be."

Dominic shakes his head. "No. That's duty. That's not an essay that would be pointless and not in my job description." He says with a smirk. "I know, it's hard to believe, but care I do. I'm such a compassionate guy. What can I say? It's a curse." He takes a piece of the chicken and takes a bite. "The report waiting for you is what you'd expect a report to be, I guess." He says after washing the chicken down with some of the tea and refilling the cup. He looks to Eyulf and smirks. "I expect a five thousand word essay on my desk before you go into the freezer." He says with a chuckle.

Eisley watches the palming of the chopsticks with the arch of an eyebrow, but she looks amused more than distressed by such petty thievery. "Well, I hope it will be entertaining reading. I promised the Captain I would have my report on his desk tomorrow, and oh what a -joy- of joys that has been to write." She groans, then sets about filling her cup again after Dominic has filled his. "No, Halle; those three didn't make the grade. Don't worry; there are liable to be some new contenders among the cargo that you can take a hate on toward."

The chopstick in Eyulf's hand is held as if it were a throwing knife propped between fore and middle fingers. "Don't tempt me, I heard there's a good pay increase from my slot to yours Lieutenant…" Not bothering with civility right now, just picking up bits of meat or fungus with his fingers and tossing them into his mouth, chewing.

Dominic nods his head as he looks to Eisley. "I'm sure it will be. The usual boring terminology and such." He says, nodding his head slowly before he stops and looks at Eyulf. "You are right. THere is a good pay increase, but there's also the duty of following around yapping reporters all day too. You think you can do that?" He asks as he takes a bit of the rice and eats it.

"Oh, I'd be happy to confirm that there is a significant pay increase. In fact, he makes twice what you do now, thanks to his new assignment." Eisley again slides into that deadpan of hers while she sips at hot green tea, glancing over the rim of it at Eyulf. "Of course, two hundred percent of nothing is still nothing, so…" And there is the smirk, sharp behind the cup, there and gone. It's set down, traded out for the chopsticks so that she can continue eating. "If you do decide to take him out, I hereby order that you do so at a time convenient for me to be in position to watch."

Eyulf raises a brow "Ahhh so the lady likes to watch, well I guess it takes all types…" flicking his fingers to send the chopstick past Dominics head with a wink, aiming to try and get it to whistle his ear before taking a long gulp of his plum wine and refilling his glass. "As for having to follow about skitt suger reporters… I had to do that… All day. Remember?"

Dominic laughs softly at Eyulf's jest at the Commander, taking a drink to try to stop the laughter. As the chopstick goes flying past his ear, he looks up at the other Marine and smirks. "Remember who writes your watch schedule. I can be very nice or very mean." He says to him, teasingly pointing a finger towards him.

Eisley tsks quietly, turning her head to watch the chopstick go. "Watching is one of the few things I am legally permitted to do," she answers blithely. And watch she does, visibly amused by their banter and apparently unperturbed at the teasing, either directed at her or not.

Eyulf mrmmms at Dominic's threat, "Oh no… Don't make me be the last guy to watch everyone get buttoned in… Then I can't possibly draw a moustache and goatee on you with magic marker right before the tubes clothes. You dastardly fiend."

Dominic laughs softly. "Nope. I'll make you go in first and then let everyone else draw on you before they go in. Then you can be the first one to wake up and I'll assign you to direct everyone to the bathroom when they wake up." He nods once before he takes another bite of his food. "Then you'll be assigned to babysit in the nursery… alone."

Eisley has very little to add to that, but watch she does. It's like having dinner and a show, amusing as this might be. Anyway, it keeps her out of the line of fire so to speak and frees her up to continue eating, though at this point she is very nearly finished.

Eyulf offers a bit of a shrug "I guess if you really don't want the kids to make it." giving a shark's grin and munching down on some sweet sweet noodles. He seems to fall into thought though, watching a waitress go by and then leaning back in his seat once more, chewing a bit of beef.

Dominic smirks as he looks at Eyulf. "Eh. Was never really one for kids." He says, shrugging slightly. "Though I think everyone else might have a problem with it. That's the only real issue." He says before moving onto the sweet and sour pork. "Maybe the Commander can work out something to get you on plumbing duty."

"Technically we have bots for that," answers the Commander airily, "but I'm sure I could work something out. Though there is an awful lot of paperwork involved in all of that, and by the time I got everything.. pushed through might be moving into punitive territory. Really, if you want experience-building job details, you should require him to secure the chief engineer's office or something." Again she smirks, lifting up one last bit of shrimp to be consumed.

Eyulf hrmmms and motions as if tacking off a few things on a list. "Secure room… So I guess we're all going to die because the Chief Engineer will never be able to get back out…" munching more beef. "Though I guess if the Commander is going to be so inclined as to dish out sewage duty, I guess I can forget to double check securities on her changing area…" nodding sagely to himself. "Yeah, that should work fine."

Dominic raises an eyebrow and laughs out loud at Eyulf, a large grin forming on his face. "I think I know a bloke who might be able to get you a few mini-cams for you too." He says with a smirk. "Remind me to give you access to transmit to my private comm terminal." He adds in a few jabs of his own, his eyes shifting towards the Commander.

Eisley rolls her eyes. "I should remind you, gentlemen, that I retain executive override on all ship systems, major and minor, and that pushing insubordinate crew members out of airlocks is technically considered within the realm of my power. I might have to apologize to the captain later, but…" She pauses for just a moment, then goes on. "Besides, I was the one who wanted to watch, not be watched."

Eyulf laughs again and pushes aside his empty glass, now just swigging from the plum wine, leaning on one elbow and looking about the restaraunt. "Well, sometimes thats the way peeping goes, Commander."

Dominic nods his head as he looks to the Commander. "He's right. You can't always get what you want in the world. No matter how much you try to fight it." He says with a nod. "Don't worry, Commander. I won't spread it around, though I can't speak for our dear friend here."

Now Eisley lifts her chopsticks, paired together, and points them at Dominic. "And this is why I never should have started drinking with you. Now you automatically assume all these liberties and," she points them at Eyulf, "you've got him in on it." She smirks, the expression sharpened. "Under ordinary circumstances that might imply that I was outnumbered."

Eyulf hrmmms, and shrugs "Under more sordid circumstance a specific type of music would start playing, and the two of us would have just moustaches and floofy hair." winking and slurping up some more noodles.
[Public] Eisley says, "Heheheh."

Dominic chuckles and shakes his head. "Oh no, Commander, you've got it all wrong. You're not outnumbered at all, in fact, I consider you one of us. You saved my ass in Mexico and not everyone will do that for you. Especially someone not a Marine. I see you as being on equal grounds with us." He says before he takes another drink before looking to Eyulf and raising an eyebrow slightly. "Moustaches and floofy hair?"

Eyulf nods sagely "Moustaches and floofy hair…"

For just a moment Eisley sobers up - for real - and studies Dominic. It is a little pause, a transitional silence that goes well beyond the prodding, instigation, and teasing. She actually smiles a little bit instead of smirking at him, a rare occurrence ranking right up there with the alignment of planets. "I appreciate that, L'Anse. I really do." Her own personnel file ought to explain why, but she doesn't really have time to get into answering it. No, no, there is Eyulf's comment to deal with and her composure gets lost in a groan. Her head bows, fingers coming up to press against her brow. "…you are terrible."

Eyulf shakes his head at that "No, Ivan Vasilyevich the fourth was the Terrible… I'm alright." snapping off a quick 'finger gun' motion at the Commander and clicking his tongue to go with it as he picks up and munches particularly big hunk o mushroom.

Dominic looks to Eisley and nods. "You're welcome and I meant it too. I'll take a bullet for you just as I would any other Marine." He says before he lifts a finger. "And I wouldn't say that about anyone. Especially not a space squid." He says before he looks to Eyulf and laughs. "Eyulf the Alright… doesn't quite have the same ring to it."

Oh, it's too late to save that moment. Floofy hair and moustaches saw to that. The Commander continues to rub at her forehead, just between her eyes, composure threatening to crackle and shatter. Her lips press tightly together, keeping a snicker locked up tight. "No," she agrees after a few moments of concentration. "Eyulf the Horrible? Eyulf the Bad? Eyulf the Awful?"

Eyulf tilts his head to one side, "How about Eyulf the Unimaginably Handsome and Debonair? No? Too much? How about just Eyulf The Fairly Decent… That works fair in my opinion." taking another good swig of wine.

Dominic shakes his head as he traces a finger around the rim of his tea cup. "No. That's my title, chum. Sorry. How about Eyulf the Decoy and master of unclogging toilets?" He looks to Eisley with a raised eyebrow. "What do you think about that? Sound better?" He asks with a slight smirk on his lips.

Eisley can only laugh at this point, though she shakes her head. "Oh, you're both unimaginable, all right. And humble, and modest, and all those other things." None of which would be quite as entertaining, surely. Dominic's gaze is met, though she smirks at him. "But now we've gotten back to toilet humor and on that count, at least, I'm afraid I can offer no advice at all. I have people for that. I suppose Eyulf could be one of those people. It is a -difficult- job, and apparently he specialized in wetwork at one point."

Eyulf grins and finishes off the wine bottle before he briefly shifts to check something on his wrist comm, "Well, either way… I may have to take care of something before we boost back up, but I'll be around and about, not to mention at the shuttle by the time we need to get back…" half standing "If you'll excuse me." the knives at the table closest to Eyulf's side disappearing as he gets to his feet and he mutters something about having to check in things up-top. "But at least I may get part of my last wish before we bid this rock adieu." Tipping a casual and sloppy two fingered salute before he starts for the door, a little glimmer of metal going into his shirt sleeves to those trained to spot such things.

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