*Prelude: Not With A Bang

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OOC Date: April 3, 2011
IC Date: November 18, 2122

The launch of the EAV Genesis is being filmed live by a WNN film crew and is attended by the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Mansfield. Nothing ever goes as planned, however…

The EAV Genesis, Low Earth Orbital Station Seven

A strange, vaguely warm, yellowish light keeps the corridors of the ship lit at all hours, like artificial sunlight - which is exactly what it is. Among the many uses of the solar energy that the ship's solar collecting skin provides is a form of UV lighting that closely replicates sunlight and all of the physical and psychological benefits that come with it, otherwise lacking in space. It gives the oddly disorienting yet comforting feel of being outside in the afternoon despite the fact that nothing could be further from the truth.

The central lift tube, the main artery of the ship, is set in the center of this widened corridor, disappearing through the floor and stretching up through the ceiling. The corridor here does not branch, containing only four possible destinations: to the fore is the Observation Deck, to the stern is the Bridge, to the left is the Conference Room, and to the right is the XO's Office.

For the last three months, the crew of the EAV Genesis have been living on Low Earth Orbital Station Seven - more commonly called Orb Seven by those in the military. It is there that the Genesis was constructed over the past five years, and it is there that the crew have been living while they train to operate the ship for the mission to come. Aside from the occasional shore leave by shuttle back to the earth below, all 220 members of the crew have been eating, sleeping and breathing their training on the systems.

Today is November 18th, 2122, the day of launch, and the last of the 100,000 civilians have already been shuttled up and placed in stasis for going on four days, now. All four stasis tanks containing 25,000 civilians each are fully loaded and all of the ship's systems are online and ready to go. This is the day the earth has been preparing for, 10 years in the making.

The launch is being filmed live from aboard the ship by WNN and attended by the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Mansfield, and once the ship has left Orb Seven and reached a safe distance to fire up the full power of the solar propulsion engine, the news crew and Secretary will take an earth shuttle back to the station and the Genesis will leave humanity behind.

The command crew and a few lower ranking but very important members of the crew are gathered with the television crew just outside of the bridge, 20 minutes before the launch is scheduled to begin. The TV crew is still setting up and things have not yet begun. The Secretary is currently talking with star newswoman Pang Xie, leaving the gathered crew free to prepare or chat idly while they wait.

Some distance away from the rest of the group is First Lieutenant L'Anse, dressed in his formal dress uniform as the occasion calls for. Dominic is leaning against one of the walls, waiting as he keeps an eye on the news crew, making sure they don't try to do anything funny as they setup. He chews on his lower lip, the entire day not having let him step away for a smoke yet, so he's a little irritated at the moment. While they're waiting, he quietly chews on a piece of gum, trying to take off at least some of the edge.

Commander Eisley has precious little choice but to be present for this. The XO has more than had her fill of the news crew, which hounded her and toured the station a few days ago, trying to interview everyone who didn't run away when they saw what was coming. Her office shares space on this corridor, very near to the entrance to the bridge, and so it should be no surprise that she lingers near it like a sentinel at parade rest, hands behind her back. Though she watches, she keeps silent; she also serves as a deterrent, helping to keep any stray civilians from deciding to take one last private look around.

Adesida slips into the assembly, idly straightening her uniform as she moves into the gathering crowd. She's in practical - albeit clean and pressed - Medical garb rather than anything dressy. She may have come straight from monitoring duty on the stasis tanks, taking readings and keeping an eye on the life signs of those now encased therein. The spectacle is taken in with a sort of wry curiosity, and she stays decidedly on the outer fringes of it.

Ben-Haim almost got away with not being here. The pilot had been finishing up a training simulation that was miraculously taking fifteen minutes longer than it should have — but not long enough to last through this jungle of a press gathering. He's a little bit late and arrives with no sense of show whatsoever, back straight and arms folded, finding a spot near the largely unfamiliar Adesida on the sidelines.

The Genesis's chief medical officer stands leaning against a bulkhead, looking more-or-less inert. Lieutenant-Commander Dr. Charles St-Sirois is of course in full dress uniform, like his comrades, and like his comrades he looks anything but comfortable. The jauntiness of his lean is entirely affected, his fidgetiness given it away, as does the way he alternates between tugging at his high collar or rubbing the wrist where his communicator sits, completely uncomfortably. Everything about him is completely uncomfortable. Like he's waiting for an artillery shell to explode in the corridor so he'd have something to do.

Everybody among the crew knows that they're hardly the collection of celebrity heroes that the Navy and media are playing them up to be - nothing could be further from the truth. The tiny little engineer, Lieutenant Commander Monoko Kurokawa, is most definitely not what one would expect. At present, she's standing very still and quiet, almost like a statue, which to anyone who knows her is unusual to the point of practically being funny. Someone must've told her to keep a very low profile and backed it up with threats of the highest order for her to be this well behaved.

Away from the cameras and attention is Lt. Jackson, who seems neither ill at ease nor seeking the limelight here. He's off to the side of the gathering, speaking very quietly with another of the medical staff. His hands clasped in front of him politely, he continues to speak quietly even as his eyes roam over the gathering … quietly observant of all the goings on. He doesn't fidget or move excessively, though he doesn't look entirely comfortable with all the attention. Low profile, indeed.

Along with the Secretary stands the Captain, the two men talking to the famous news reporter as if they were good friends when it is no secret among the crew that the two rather loathe each other. It was the Captain who scored the 10 years of advance hazard pay for each and every member of the crew along with six months of leave before their three month training began, which the Secretary was practically blackmailed into. In front of the reporter, however, all of that is set aside as the two men present a unified front to the world watching at home. For all that the nations' leaders and even the military itself undervalued this project, it is a huge publicity spectacle and the EA intends to get every last bit of good press that they can out of it. The camera crew and lighting technicians seem to be having a rough time of things as it would appear that they are taking longer than the reporter would like them to. "I don't usually work with this crew," Miss Xie offers apologetically to the two men, casting and annoyed glare at her team.

Dominic lets out an audible sigh as he watches the crew, he reaches up and takes the gum from his mouth. His eyes scan the area before he carefully tucks the piece of gum into a small recess in the wall. Let the enlisted clean it up. He then crosses his arms at his chest, trying to make himself more comfortable. His eyes turn to the news woman as she speaks, but doesn't say anything to her in response. His eyes instead move to each member of the crew, looking them over briefly before moving on.

Hurry up and wait, the motto of militaries everywhere. There is a lot of that here, now; there has been a great deal of it in the months, weeks, and days leading up to this moment but now that it draws near things continue to delay. Even this, this official send off aired live in front of the whole world, doesn't seem to be running on anything but its own time. Eisley's expression shifts slightly, her eyes narrowing and her mouth thinning into something that doesn't fully resolve into pensiveness. From time to time she looks over the assembly, but that rigid posture of hers doesn't allow for fidgeting or for communicating apprehension at large. At one point she meets Dominic's gaze. Her brows lift, but not in query.

Adesida observes St-Sirois in particular as she engages in some Senior Officer Watching, smile tugging at her lips, dark eyes dancing with amusement. An almost sympathetic chin-dip is offered in the CMO's direction. Not that it keeps her from looking like she's on the verge of chuckling at his fidgeting. On the sidelines she'll stay, thank-you-very-much. Head turns toward Ben-Haim as he comes up on her periphery. "I am still waiting for the dogs and ponies," she notes to him in a dry little whisper. As he's landed there, he might as well benefit from her commentary.

Yep. Someone definitely made a threat to the Chief of Engineering. Being far too still and far too well behaved to be acting under her own discretion. She can even be caught offering a very faint smile to those among the news crew when they look her way. Who is this person, and what have they done with Monoko?

Something said to Lt. Jackson causes him to smile, albeit briefly, as he turns his gaze toward the person beside him. He nods his head, lips tightening a bit into a thin line as he nods his head once and his conversation seems to come to an end. He meanders away, those hands still clasped in front of him, and begins to move silently away from the spectacle. He's still here. Technically. On the periphery of this gathering now, he engages in quiet people watching.

Ben-Haim clears his throat very quietly. "Their absence may be proof of their superior intelligence." Hazel eyes flicker to her collar, then away again. "…sir." His lips barely move as he talks, his soft-spoken voice skirting the line between joking and not. There's a black kippah on the pilot's head, same somber shade as his uniform, a small one that's pinned carefully so it can't be seen unless he turns his head.

St-Sirois's instincts catch somebody looking at him out of the corner of his eye and he turns his gaze towards Adesida, not even bothering to alter his expression of utter blankness for the benefit of the junior officer. Instead, he tosses the lieutenant a brief, two-fingered, at least half-facetious salute back, returning her greeting with the very opposite of senior officer's formality. "If those newsies don't get off this ship soon," murmurs the doctor, voice dark and quite quiet, "I'll put something in the air of their shuttle that'll make them wish they'd never left the atmosphere."

A sound technician politely takes the Secretary away from his current conversation and escorts him about 10 feet away to equip him with a tiny microphone and make sure that it's working before they go on air. It's a procedure that seems entirely innocuous until, in unison, five members of the technical crew pull from their cases of equipment automatic pistols with extended clips and the sound technician puts an identical gun to the side of the Secretary's head and turns him to face the rest of the crew, using him as a human shield. Before anyone has a chance to make a move, Captain Ramesh lifts a hand to stay any action at least for the time being. The cameras are not yet on and the Secretary is currently a hostage - he's not about to let this turn into a full on fire fight from the word go.

"We are the Free States Revolutionary Force, and we have a list of demands," states the sound technician, apparently the leader of the cell.

The Secretary, a rather fit man for someone in his seventies, is currently as white as a sheet and standing utterly still. He stares at Ramesh with full realization that his life is in the hands of a man he hates.

Dominic's attention turns to the Commander, catching her gaze and a very small smirk forms on his lips which is followed by a small shrug of his shoulders. He pushes himself off the wall and moves towards the Commander, putting himself away from the evidence he left behind. "Think we have time to get a drink and a smoke?" He asks, his voice lowered, once he takes up position next to the Commander, his hand resting on his side arm, just in case. His eyes move to the sound tech as he speak, immediately reaching for his weapon and aims it at the man who speaks and the others in his line of sights. "Don't any of you move or I will fire." He says in a strong and authoritative voice." He says as he moves to protect the other crew members.

Eisley doesn't quite get the opportunity to answer Dominic. Production of weapons lends her real expression - surprise, then annoyance - and she straightens up to a more rigid, attentive position. A glance is sent at the CSec, then to the Captain, this in time to catch the lift of his hand. She translates it more audibly, "Stand down, Lieutenant." The words are calm, almost cold, and she steps around him to look at the would-be leader of the cell. "You are aware that the Earth Alliance has a long standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists," she observes. It isn't a question; it is offered instead as a statement of fact.

Adesida responds to St-Sirois' two-fingered salute with a cheeky wink, smile remaining on her lips, though she has the restraint not to allow herself to giggle. "Or simply superior speed and agility. Perhaps they escaped," is her rejoinder to Ben-Haim for that brief moment things continue to seem dull and ceremonial. Further commentary is tabled, however, and all easy humor drops away to a gasp of shock as the weapons appear and that statement is read. Her posture tenses though she does not move, widening dark eyes locked on the Captain and the technician-turned-terrorist spokesman.

"Oh this is fucking bullshit!" It appears that some things can cause Mono to forget her orders, after all. The tiny little Japanese woman looks as if she's ready to single-handedly take down the terrorists with nothing but the blistering heat of her temper. Still, she stays where she is and lets those who are trained to handle such situations do the work.

Ben-Haim had started to open his mouth, perhaps to send a quiet volley back to Adesida. It does not get where it was meant to go, silenced abruptly by the suddenness up front. His arms unfold reflexively but his hands don't go anywhere, back tensed and eyes flickering from the Secretary's face to the wall next to him — as if wondering whether flecks of the man's brain would reach that far.

For a doctor who allegedly spent the war volunteering at a hospital, St-Sirois's reaction to the technical crew's turn is somewhat unusual. Leaping up from the bulkhead against which he had so peacefully leaned, the doctor instantly goes for his gun. The fact that he's unarmed doesn't occur to him until well into the manoeuvre. Instead, St-Sirois steps away from the wall. He keeps his arms out, hands open, even crouching slightly. He doesn't approach the armed camera crew but does circle around them, deliberately. "Gentlemen," he says, quite delicately, French accent unusually asserting itself on this occasion, "of all the times to pull guns and start making demands, being trapped in high Earth orbit on an isolated space vessel may be the least opportune."

The sudden action gets Jackson's attention quickly, his posture straightening immediately as he processes the situation. Those hands unclasp, but make no immediate move — nay, it's useless anyway, as he has no sidearm. Doctors don't usually pack heat. His brow narrows, and he shifts slightly back toward the group. Eyes drift toward Dominic, who has drawn his own weapon, before he looks back to the terrorists. His lips purse into a tight line, and he remains still and quiet for the moment.

"I'm sure that you're aware, as the Commander says, that the EA does not negotiate with terrorists," Captain Ramesh lilts calmly. "You may shoot the Secretary, and it will change nothing."

"What are you—" the Secretary tries to protest, but the increase of pressure on the barrel against the side of his head and the Captain's cutting him off silences him pretty quickly.

"You should also know that each of our uniforms are made of Kevlar nanites, and that two of the best medical professionals on earth are on this deck. You may injure a few of us, but your losses will be far more severe and said medical professionals may not be so inclined to attend to your own injuries. I will admit curiosity, though. What is this list of demands?"

Between the Marines pointing guns at them and the Captain's cool demeanor, the terrorists appear to be slightly rattled but aren't yet panicking. "We have brothers and sisters among the civilians on this ship, and we want to replace the rest with more of our numbers. We will release the Secretary and the reporter once all but the minimum necessary crew have gone into stasis. Our brethren will be shuttled up and replace the civilians that you currently have, and the launch will take place as planned. We will stay awake while the last of the crew go into stasis, and anyone who comes out early will be shot on sight. New Eden will be the home for those who wish to be free of the Alliance's oppression, you can continue your petty wars without us. If not, you're right - we will likely fall but we will have taken down a very high profile member of the authoritarian regime and ruined the lie of your big publicity stunt. Your launch will be delayed and your weakness known by all."

With Eisley repeating the Captain's orders, Dominic brings down the weapon, but still keeping at the ready should things get worse. His eyes remain locked on the leader of the group trying to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. He doesn't speak again, letting the higher ups handle the negotiation. He stands his ground as the terrorist gives their demands, his face remaining expressionless though his mind races.

Eisley tilts her head slightly to look at the Captain and spends a moment or so studying him while the apparent leader of the terrorist group spills out this rather complicated request. As he wraps up she looks back at him, shoulders square, hands clasping behind her again as she once more assumes a very starched version of that at-rest stance. She glances up at the ceiling as if in reflection, and then exhales. "Adam," says the Commander, rather conversationally. "Executive override. Bring weapons system online. Defense parameters; target any craft attempting to approach or depart from the Genesis." With that out of the way she smiles at the man holding the gun, but it is neither warm, nor pleasant. "Now then. I would like to encourage you to re-think your request, which is neither practical nor possible. As I said, the Earth Alliance maintains a zero negotiation policy with terrorists, and the act of taking a hundred thousand international civilians hostage as you have done severely undermines any credibility that you have as a legitimate political organization."

"New Eden…madness…" Adesida's lips twist as she repeats that under her breath, a half-snorted curse, mixed with a tremor tinged with disbelief as she processes all that. She holds a palm low to one side as if reaffirming the motion for Ben-Haim to stay back. Not that he needs any encouragement. She doesn't move still but the tension in her form is all of one preparing to spring should it come to that.

"Your bold revolutionary plot is to run from the revolution. I've seen some misguided comrades in my time but…" Dr. St-Sirois shakes his head, sadly, crossing his arms and actually looking rather at ease, as if so disappointed by the would-be revolutionaries that he's not even bothering to be intimidated by them anymore. "Why do I get the feeling these are the revolutionaries that the brotherhood wanted to get rid of?"

While demands are given and heard, Mono clasps her hands behind her back and begins to press buttons on her com unit. Though most of the com unit are identical in form and function, there's no telling what the Chief of Engineering has altered hers to do.

Sully is the chubby guy in the rear. How rear? Well lets just say that he is the guy in charge of communications and not weapons or any command decisions so his primary job here is not getting killed by doing something stupid. How chubby? Pleasantly Plump.

There's something quietly calculating in Jackson's demeanor — silent, not attempting to interfere in any sort of negotiation or discussion with the terrorists, he instead appears to be quietly sizing them up… studying the exchange as it occurs. He makes no sudden motion, though he does shift slightly — gravitating forward just a bit. His eyes widen a little, his attention squarely upon the mouthpiece of the terrorists.

Ben-Haim looks down at Adesida's hand like one would an airbag that had deployed while parked. "That's touching, sir," he murmurs blandly, before looking back at the standoff. His jaw remains tight but hell if he moves, taking the possibly-dwindling time till chaos to note everything he can. Each face. Each gun.

"Adam now dominant, Commander," answers a disembodied male voice. "Perimeter established, Commander. Shuttle bay locked down. Umbilicus sealed. Weapons systems at the ready."

"It would seem that you won't be going anywhere," Captain Ramesh calmly informs the revolutionaries. "Now perhaps we can be more reasonable about all of this." He looks over at Mono and inclines his chin. "Miss Kurokawa, would you care to illuminate them?"

And everything goes black except for specific lighting on the six terrorists. A very brief window has been opened for shots to be taken from the dark before the terrorists have time to react.

A smirk forms on his lips as the Commander activates the defense systems and things seems to turn against the terrorists. He speaks quickly to his security as the lights drop, leaving the terrorists. "Two and four." He tries to keep his voice lower so only they can hear, telling them their targets: the second and fourth terrorists. He then takes the opportunity to shoot at the third terrorist's center mass. Dominic's shot tags the terrorist square in the chest and blows him back against the wall before he can so much as think of shooting. The other two Marines on the deck fire as well, aiming at the targets instructed and dropping them as well.

As the lights go out, illuminating only those misfortunate enough to choose this moment to make a political statement, Eisley slides up toward one of them. Lacking any kind of weapon she is left trying to liberate the pistol the camera man is holding: one hand goes for his wrist, the other fist goes for his midsection, while a knee rises to seek connection with his groin. It's dark; nobody will later be able to accuse her of fighting dirty.

The terrorist that Eisley takes on doubles over, stunned from the blows but does not drop his weapon. He struggles with the Commander for control of the gun.

Sully is shrouded in darkness, which is good, because no one can see him waddle a little further away from all the scuffles to the safety of some kind of alcove or doorway or whatever happens to be convenient for hiding.

When they train pilots they train them to fly, not fistfight. So whether it's loyalty or a deathwish that that sparks energy into Ben-Haim's feet when the lights go out, that's anyone's guess. He darts backwards from Adesida's hand rather than into it, so the LTJG won't be alerted right away, and has to rely on the memory of the snapshot moment before to tell him where to send his elbow. Intention: straight down into the tender part of a gunman's shoulder. Reality: Not so much.

Ben-Haim's attack may not be terribly effective, but it's enough to stun the unsuspecting terrorist and cause him to lose his balance and aim for the moment.

The lights go off and St-Sirois goes with them. Old reflexes kick in as he takes four sharp steps towards the nearest terrorist, elbow out, aimed for the solar plexus. Elbow to the cut with his right arm, his left arm comes up for an uppercut, and as he runs he sweeps the leg behind the terrorist's calf, trying to drive him to the floor in one swift, sharp movement, the good doctor going down on top of him with his right hand cocked to deliver one last blow if necessary. For a guy who took an oath to "do no harm", he is -disconcertingly- good at it.

Indeed, the aged doctor has lost little in the way of reflexes. In the matter of a second he has his man on the ground and fully restrained like a seasoned pro.

Jackson harasses the closest bad guy like a pro! He rushes forward at the lights-out, feeling the need to rush with a couple others as he tries to bowl one of the terrorists over. He manages to shove one of them, but doesn't do much other than stun him. Perhaps he'll push him into a place where someone else can blow his brains out. Or maybe he'll just annoy him and get shot. Who knows?

The charge from Jackson serves its purpose in catching the target off guard and stunning him for the moment, though he still retains his gun.

The lights come back up as quickly as they went out, the cell leader finding his crew either completely subdued or momentarily stunned at the least. He also has two Marines pointing their guns straight at his forehead. It's time for Plan B.

His free hand reaches for the trigger of the explosives he wears beneath his outer layer of clothing. It all comes down to whether or not the three Marines get their shots off before he's able to detonate.

Dominic quickly scans the area as the lights come back up, his attention then returning to the leader as he sees movement. He quickly lifts his sidearm and fires a shot, trying for a head shot to stop the man dead. After the shot is fired, he speaks. "Don't move!" Yes, he said it after he shot, but at least he said it.

Three shots ring out almost simultaneously, though the First Lieutenant has his subordinates beat. The cell leader's face explodes in a bloody mess, bits of skull and brain spraying the side of the Secretary's face. All three managed a head shot, but Dominic's enters through the man's left eye and erupts from the back of his head. The hand holding the trigger goes limp before it ever brings any pressure to bear. Jackson, Eisley and Ben-Haim manage to get a better grip on their opponents and bring them under control even as the cell leader's body hits the ground.

"…" The Secretary of the Navy is currently rendered speechless.

"Doctors, nurse," Captain Ramesh states casually, "See to the Secretary and the injured terrorists. Mr. L'Anse, secure them once they have been stabilized or pronounced dead and have them moved to the brig." He looks to the reporter, now, who is still slightly shaking and wide eyed with fear and surprise. "I think technical difficulties have prevented you from broadcasting our launch. Once the Secretary is attended to, I will see that you're safely escorted to the Umbilicus."

It does come down to the Marines and, fortunately, they come through. This might be why Eisley tries yet again to capitalize on the violence yonder, the explosion of blood and gray matter, to wrest the gun away from the terrorist she's squared off with. "Don't move," she reiterates, echoing Dominic's statement. Once he has more or less surrendered she turns that on him and stands by for security to start rounding the lot up.

Sully looks a little green way back there in his hidey-hole alcove of cowering. He might just lose his lunch what with all of the head exploding going on, fortunately the cameras have had technical difficulty so that at least won't be broadcast across the universe.

In the darkness, Adesida does not immediately notice Ben-Haim bum rushing the terrorist until they're under the lights. "Idiots…" she bites off under her breath. Whether aimed at the terrorists or Ben-Haim - or both - it's unclear. "Aye, Captain," is her immediate response to Captain Ramesh, and her tensed form springs as she goes to work. She goes to see to the terrorist apprehended by Jackson/assist Jackson in keeping a grip on the man, first and foremost. As the Secretary seems in better shape than the gunmen. "Captain, they said there were others already on board, in stasis…" She leaves whatever question is attached to that unspoken, or just implied for the moment.

A string of Japanese profanity spews forth from the tiny Chief of Engineering as she begins to kick repeatedly the head and shoulders of the terrorist that Dr. St-Sirois has pinned to the floor. She's a vicious little beast when she wants to be - which is most every day. She's going to have to be restrained if her onslaught is to stop.

St-Sirois smirks down at the terrorist he's so incapacitated. "Still got it." His voice is so smug it alters the composition of the atmosphere. Quickly, the doctor takes the would-be revolutionary's weapon, settling for moving it well out of reach. At the captain's order, St-Sirois looks up and, rather abruptly, is back to business. "Yes, sir," he says smartly, looking down at the terrorist he's just knocked out and, eventually, at the little boot threatening to knock his brains out over the deck. Straightening up onto his knees, the doctor holds his hand out towards Mono. "Lieutenant-Commander, -please-," he says, both loudly and a touch icily.

It's not a pretty subduing. Ben-Haim looks fairly awkward keeping his target pinned down with a hold that he probably learned once in basic and has never used again till now. When a bonafide security man shows up to take over he gets back up to his feet with thinned lips and a slightly wrinkled nose of distaste, shooting the reporter an unfriendly look as he backs away from the scuffle. He glances at Adesida and Jackson, then St-Sirois. Then at the engineer he's just told to cease and desist.

Jackson scraps for a moment with his terrorist, either until the guy gives up or the Marines make it over to subdue him. That done, he stands up and blinks a time or two. He turns, moving quickly back toward the injured. The blood and brain matter don't seem to bother him too terribly much — only because he's used to seeing the innards of various peoples due to his profession, though a small frown does crease his lips. He quickly assesses where to begin — well, the Secretary doesn't look too terribly harmed. He starts by moving to the terrorist who's actually been shot, kneeling down beside him and pressing his fingers against the man's neck. It's pretty obvious, but he goes through the protocol anyway. "Deceased." He glances at his watch, and rattles off the time of death. He then looks intent to move on to the next, who he presumably can actually help.

"Yes, among the civilians in stasis," the Captain confirms in reply to Adesida. He looks to the Secretary, who is busily wiping blood, skull and brain from his face and collar. "I'm afraid that what they say may be true. If there are infiltrators among the civilians, we're going to have to bring them all out of stasis and re-screen them. It could take weeks. Months, even."

"Hell no! This ship is launching as planned! They are all in stasis. You can sort it out once you've landed on New Eden. NOTHING is delaying this launch!" The Secretary then wheels on the reporter. "Your crew had technical difficulties. Nothing happened here. If I even THINK you might breathe a word of this to anyone, you'll disappear along with your entire family."

Of the four terrorists that had been shot, only one of them is still alive. The Marines killed the other three, including the leader.

Dominic moves his pistol onto another of the prisoners as they're being secured. Once the situation is under control and the Captain gives his orders he nods his head. "Aye, Sir." He motions towards the other two security to the others as he moves to help secure them. He moves towards Mono, attempting to pull her away from the terrorist, but not without letting her get in a few more good licks. "Let me take it from here. You did a great job." He tells the woman before he goes to secure the man. He kneels down and secures the man's hands first before he starts to frisk the man in case he has any hidden weapons or anything that may be of some importance. He glances back towards the Secretary as he has his outburst, an eyebrow raised. From the look on his face, he's obviously trying to hold his tongue.

With no terrorists left to 'negotiate' with, Commander Eisley steps back from the chaos and flicks a bit of something off of her sleeve. It sticks to her fingers and she's left trying to shake that off, then, with guarded disgust and a little bit of dismay. Brains are probably not something she deals with often enough in the line of duty. This stops entirely when the Secretary bellows; her gaze snaps toward him, blue eyes hard and narrowed. She inhales, fingers tightening on the pistol she liberated, but she lowers that rather quickly.

"Are you injured, Doctor?" Adesida asks Jackson as she gets down to business with the gunmen, moving with him to check them, a quick but concerned look over her shoulder at the shrink. His scuffle with the armed man didn't look too graceful, after all. Increasingly grim until she comes across the one that still has a pulse. "This one's still alive. We must get him to Sickbay for further treatment." Focused on he work, she's too absorbed to properly choke at the Secretary's words. That will have to wait until later.

It is only with great exertion of self restraint, something Monoko is generally in very short supply of, that the little Engineer is able to stop her assault on the unconscious terrorist as the doctor urges. More profanity is spit out in Japanese as Dominic eases her away just to be safe. It's not directed at the Marine, however. It appears that she's still berating the unconscious terrorist whether he can hear her or not. Or understand her.

Sully is still, in case anyone is wondering, somewhere cowering in the rear while trying to keep down his astronaut ice cream and Tang. Also, in case you were wondering, still chubby. He might want to lay off the astronaught ice cream, the fat part wasn't the water they took out.

Given that Dr. St-Sirois was just trying to knock this guy's brains out, his reaction to Dominic's trying to restrain the terrorist is a bit sharp. "Lieutenant," the doctor says, quite politely, "I just hit this man rather hard and drove him into the deck. He is at least suffering from a severe concussion and, possibly, spinal or cerebral trauma. I would be very much in your debt if you didn't man-handle him into restraint until I have at least had a chance to look at him."

Jackson frowns at the snap from the Secretary, his gaze turning slightly to view the man. He keeps a poker face, and doesn't speak — but the fact that he does not check on the ranking officer probably speaks volumes. A polite, brief smile is offered to Adesida's words, and he nods his head once. "I am fine, thank you," he replies, moving to help attend to the guy who's not actually dead.

Ben-Haim continues to back up out of the ring of chaos, drawing closer to Sully without really watching where he's going. Neither medical staff nor command, he stands tensely out of the way with a dark look on his face, a glance down at his knee showing him a few dots of blood. With a thin exhale he folds his arms, glancing at the rotund Chief Petty Officer nearby. His hazel eyes flicker up and down over the cowering man before he mutters. "You alright?"

A very brief shift of expression flashes across the Captain's face when he's ordered to launch as planned. It's not anger or even frustration, but something else entirely. Something hard to read. He simply nods once and looks to his crew as the two Marines are joined by several more who assist them in escorting the live terrorists to the brig and the dead ones along with them. "Take them all to the Umbilicus along with Miss Xie and the Secretary," he tells the Marines, then turns his attention to St-Sirois and Adesida. "You heard our orders. The medical staff on Orb Seven are quite capable of seeing to the wounds. Thank you, doctor, nurse. You're concern is appreciated." To the crew at large, he declares, "We launch in 10 minutes. Clean yourselves up and report to your stations."

Once the doctors and nurse have at least stabilized the winded terrorists, the Marines take them away to remove them from the ship, Secretary Mansfield and the reporter following after.

Dominic nods as he looks to the Doctor. "Of course, Doc. I'll do my best to prevent any further injuries." He says, before he picks up the terrorist as his men and anyone else helping do the same. He looks to the Captain and nods his head. "Understood, sir. And we'll have our firearm discharge reports on the XO's desk an hour after launch is completed." He says before he motions for the others to head out to deliver the hostages and corpses to the Umbilicus, following after them.

Sully nods slowly in response to Ben-Haim's question, "Fine" he says, sounding like he might not really be. I think I'll go take my station now" he says. Then, putting his hand to his stomach as if that will keep things in, he begins to head towards the bridge and away from the scene of carnage and the people who will be by with their brain mops shortly.

That flash of the captain's expression is not lost on Eisley, who studies Ramesh for a second or so longer than she maybe ought. This too shall pass, though, and as the prisoners, politician and reporter are escorted off the deck she looks up again. "Adam, cease defense protocols. Eve, resume primary operations and countdown procedures." It is perhaps both lovely and dangerous to have a ship like this that responds to voice commands, but she calls off the death rays and then goes back to trying to get the blood off her sleeve. It's rubbed at now with a hint of dismay, though the appearance of this may be because of Dominic's comment about reports.

"Sir, that man almost certainly has vital information concerning any of his ilk now in our chambers," Adesida objects sharply, stepping back from the wounded terrorist only after the Marines have nearly forced him out of he custody. "Surely he *must* be questioned before we launch or all our lives shall be at risk." Well, apparently not so surely, but she can still snip it.

"I'll be in Engineering," Monoko mutters as she stomps off for the lift tube. "Where the only brains lying around are encased in neural nets." Say what? Brains in Engineering? What is the crazy little freak on about now?
From afar, Dominic will be refusing to get frozen until he knows who all the infiltrators are.

Straightening up, St-Sirois shoots the captain a briefly dis-satisfied glare but promptly smartens up, changing his gaze to the terrorist being pulled off of his ship. Once he thinks nobody's looking at him, he rubs his aching knuckles, giving the hand a little shake to get the blood flowing against post-punching a much younger fan on the bottom of the chin. "I may have broken a bone there…" he murmurs under his breath, and he sounds quite grumpy about it.

As the scene is clearing up, and the wounded are carted away, Jackson steps back and glances around … lips pursed tightly, eyes narrowed thoughtfully. He glances briefly to the Captain, then to Adesida as she speaks up. He swallows, glancing down at his hands and frowning just slightly at seeing some blood there. "If anyone would like to … speak about the incident … please stop by medical bay and ask for me," he remarks, doing his duty by offering counsel. He turns, and lowers his voice slightly. "Chief Petty Officer, stop by and someone will give you something to settle your stomach," he directs quietly toward Sully. Glancing to St-Sirois briefly, he watches the man tending to his knuckles but doesn't hound the other doctor to get checked up. He turns, nodding once, and starts in the direction of the medical bay.

"Eve now dominant, Commander," a disembodied female voice answers. "All security protocols disengaged. Launch sequence initiated. T-minus ten minutes and counting."

Captain Ramesh offers a gentle smile to the trauma nurse as she protests. "Miss Adesida," he replies calmly, "Any of his compatriots that may be among the civilians are in stasis and will remain so until we release them upon landing. They pose no threat to us at this time. Before any of them are brought out, Commander Eisley and First Lieutenant L'Anse and I will go over all of the records and roll out the awakening of the civilians slowly, making sure that we have plenty of time and forethought before we let anyone loose on the planet."

Ben-Haim nods to Sully as he goes, looking neither surprised nor overly concerned. He exhales tensely and unfolds his arms, watching the back of Ramesh's head for a few long seconds and then starting for the exit that will lead to the bridge.

"Quite, sir," Adesida replies to the Captain. Rather tersely, but she says no more on the matter. She looks down at her hands, bloodied from her work on the gunmen, though she detours near St-Sirois before heading to the medical bay. Eyeing him up and down wordlessly.

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