24 Hour Follow-Up: Halle

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OOC Date: April 5, 2011
IC Date: January 10, 2128

Commander Eisley meets with Gunnery Sergeant Halle to discuss his immediate plan of action following the Givers' revelation.

The EAV Genesis; XO's Office

Every good office is dominated by a desk and this one is no exception. The XO's desk is almost eight feet across, half that in width, a sheet of black glass that shimmers through with motes of color. Bits of it light up as needed, becoming brilliant controls that respond to a touch and then fade into nothing when not. Behind it sits a high-backed chair, sleek and black. Behind that is a plasma screen that occupies almost the entire wall, pretending to be a window that looks out into space when not otherwise in use. In front of the desk are two smaller chairs, also black though not as imposing. Black is a theme here; there is also a sleek black sofa set against one wall, ruining the perfect linear symmetry of the room. It matches the charcoal color of the carpet, and imposes in hard lines against the ivory walls.

The XO's office is easy enough to find. It's just down the hall from the conference room, one of only a few doors on the upper deck of the Genesis. The door whispers open to allow admittance, not being locked at the moment, and the Commander has strongly encouraged appointments for these reports, given that everyone is supposed to be on light or no duty, though no one seems to be honoring that particular order. Even Eisley herself is attempting to keep busy, her primary strategy in this capitalizing on other people's industry and collecting these reports. Thus, at the appointed time, the Commander can be found in her office, seated behind her desk, pressed and polished into uniform precision. On the screen behind her is a view of the stars, a faerie land of nebulae that form the swirling arms of the Milky Way. Impressive as the display is, she has her back to it, a data pad on the desk in front of her holding far more of her attention.

Striding in, looking a bit flustered despite having set up the appointment, Eyulf appears, waiting at the door as it closes behind him to assure his admittance is ok. He has nothing with him at the moment, save his many many blades, his side-arm, and what looks like a mouthful of the last of a sandwich eaten on the way up here.
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As the door opens Eisley looks up, chin lifting just a second before her eyes do. The pad is set down and she leans back a little bit, elbows settling on the arms of the chair, hands forming into a familiar index-finger-only steeple; her fingertips tap together just once, punctuating a thought communicated only by the slightest arch of an eyebrow, likely prompted by the lingering bits of sandwich. "Gunny," she greets, civil and mild and far, far from the creature who went out to dinner in Hong Kong two days and six years ago.

Swallowing hurriedly and approaching once acknowledged, Eyulf comes to attention before Eisley's desk, hands firmly at his side, "Reporting per our agreed time, Commander." remaining at attention and waiting for indication of a relaxed atmosphere before doing anything otherwise.

"At ease, Gunny." Eisley gestures at one of the chairs on the opposite side of her desk, even as she slides the pad away, off to one side of that big glass expanse. "I appreciate your… punctuality, and I look forward to hearing what thoughts you have had time to reflect upon." Though she sits rather stiffly, this really is supposed to be an informal occasion. Mostly.

Eyulf settles into one of the offered chairs, brow up slightly, "If you're not going to be at ease, I'm not going to, so you know…" settling back and sighing, "As for thoughts, Commander, I'm not a hundred percent sure ja?" reaching up to scratch at his beard idly. "I've been running tests with Adam pertaining to assurance of security of the ship in case we need it, checking how rusty I may have become' casually drawing a knife and spinning it on one finger point down, 'And reflecting, so to speak."

Eisley smiles, but thinly, as if that first comment amused her somehow. She does not comment on her own tensions though; her command persona is very, very starchy. There might be a titanium rod in her uniform somewhere. The rest earns a little nod; one tilt of her head that indicates that she is listening, though she does not speak until he finishes. "I understand. The last 24 hours have been very… challenging for everyone. No answers are expected now, but I would very much like to hear your first impressions and to know what your instinct tells you about this situation."

"Instinct? My first instinct is to survive… I've just had to put that instinct on a macromanagement scale though, as this boat holds a scrap of the old world in it…" Eyulf sighs, leaning back in the seat slightly, sliding the knife away. "As for first impressions? Who can say, it all really matters on how far this goes before I decide if we're going to float on, or if humanity is officially circling the drain."

"Survival is, of course, our primary goal. Whether what they say about these Devourer creatures is true or not remains to be seen, though to be honest I have no great desire to find out the truth of the matter." The Commander is not in a hurry to find out whether Earth has been destroyed, but she does not express this in exactly those words. There is another pause while Eisley studies the man, a moment of dubiousness, of thoughtfulness that transcends into pensiveness. Her fingers tap together again and she exhales, quietly. "So you have no particular inclination about whether to try our chances with a planet, or to venture forth to the wormhole?"

Eyulf shakes his head at that, "I'm not sure of it, Commander, in all honesty." chewing his lower lip for a moment. "I was brought on board to help with adapting once we got to one planet or another, or defend ship if need be… But it's still quite early for me eh?"

After a moment, Eisley actually smiles. "Very well. We have a number of options on the table, but none needs to be chosen now. Given the… nature of circumstances, we are attempting to consider all possible ideas and all possible perspectives. While this will ultimately be a command decision, I will admit this is one time when we have no more insight into the matter than anyone else." And that, right there, makes this a unique scenario; the Commander actually admitted that the officers haven't a clue. "For now, Gunny, I commend you for your instinct to survive, and recommend that you hold fast to that plan."

Eyulf nods a little "No need to commend or recommend miss… I'll go down swinging. I wasn't raised to give up just because I'm now part of an endangered species." smiling grimly and fidgeting a bit. "Though on a side note, the Jules Vern fan in me leans towards the wormhole… Journey to the Center of Existence eh?"

Eisley shakes her head. "We have no way of telling where the wormhole goes. It could go… nowhere. On the plus side, we have the luxury of almost eternal stasis. But I will not bore you with those details." There is another wraithish smile, sharp but evident, and again she tilts her head. "I would encourage you to see the doctors, both, if you have not already had the opportunity. Extended time in the pods may have strange effects on biology, and it will do all of us good to come away with clean bills of health."

Eyulf bobs his head "I intend to get checked out physically… Not sure how the shrinks will find me eh?" inclining his head to the side now, "Just based on what I know about myself eh?" he takes a breath now, pondering and asks, "Anything you want me to do, personally?

Eisley considers again, though now it is her turn to lean back in the chair, rolling her shoulders a bit. This translates eventually into a little slump, as if she had finally decided to give up and be comfortable. And who can blame her? It's a nice chair. "At this point there is little I can suggest for you to do. Obviously you should be assisting Lieutenant L'Anse in whatever way that you can. I am certain that you will continue to maintain a state of heightened awareness, but…" She eyes one of the knives for a moment. "…I would also remind you that you should keep a knife only so sharp, lest you sharpen the edge entirely away."

Eyulf smirks "Thats what the fabricators are for, Commander…" looking up slightly, "Also I made sure to secure the access ducts over your and the captain's offices here, in case Eve or Adam crack any of the other pods, and they or any of the currently awake crew go a little crazy…" smiling faintly and then sighing as his wrist-comp bleeps. "Yeah yeah… I'm coming…" he stands up, "Sorry, Commander, Adam needs me to look at something for him." and with that he starts moving, tapping away at his wrist unit.

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