24 Hour Follow-Up: Sully

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OOC Date: April 5, 2011
IC Date: January 10, 2128

Commander Eisley meets with Chief Petty Officer Sullivan to discuss his immediate plan of action following the Givers' revelation.

The EAV Genesis; XO's Office

Every good office is dominated by a desk and this one is no exception. The XO's desk is almost eight feet across, half that in width, a sheet of black glass that shimmers through with motes of color. Bits of it light up as needed, becoming brilliant controls that respond to a touch and then fade into nothing when not. Behind it sits a high-backed chair, sleek and black. Behind that is a plasma screen that occupies almost the entire wall, pretending to be a window that looks out into space when not otherwise in use. In front of the desk are two smaller chairs, also black though not as imposing. Black is a theme here; there is also a sleek black sofa set against one wall, ruining the perfect linear symmetry of the room. It matches the charcoal color of the carpet, and imposes in hard lines against the ivory walls.

The XO's office is easy enough to find. It's just down the hall from the conference room, one of only a few doors on the upper deck of the Genesis. The door whispers open to allow admittance, not being locked at the moment, and the Commander has strongly encouraged appointments for these reports, given that everyone is supposed to be on light or no duty, though no one seems to be honoring that particular order. Even Eisley herself is attempting to keep busy, her primary strategy in this capitalizing on other people's industry and collecting these reports. Thus, at this time, the Commander can be found in her office, seated behind her desk, pressed and polished into uniform precision. On the screen behind her is a view of the stars, a faerie land of nebulae that form the swirling arms of the Milky Way. Impressive as the display is, she has her back to it, a data pad on the desk in front of her holding far more of her attention.

Sully slips in through the whisking doors and glances around the XO's office, "Spiffy" he mutters to no one in particular before he turns his attention to the woman behind the desk. If she is a picture of uniform perfection, he is decidedly less so. His uniform is wrinkled and ill fitting, even though he was probably just fit for it right before take off and has been wearing it a matter of hours at this point. "You said come by and tell you stuff?" he says, his tone rather dull and lifeless.

Eisley looks up a moment or so after; her chin lifts before her eyes do and for a moment she is very still. This is nothing new; the XO has a tendency to be very… stiff …most of the time and this is apparently no different. It is almost as though -her- uniform came with a titanium rod sewn up the back. "Ah," she says, not brightly but certainly with more animation than she had given to the data pad. It is slid slightly to one side and she settles back, elbows coming to rest on the arms of her chair. "I did, and I would like you to. At ease. Have a seat."

Sully was pretty much at ease when he walked in the door, but he does manage to slump a bit more as he shuffles lethargically towards the indicated chair. "I mean if this isn't a good time I can do it later I guess" he offers as he glances at the data pad the woman shoved to the side. Still, he sits down and doesn't wait for an answer either indicating he's going to stay or that he really would prefer to sit even if for a minute or two. He glances around the office once more, "Like what you did with the place" he offers.

The Commander's gaze remains appraising; to her credit she has a pretty decent poker face, and whatever disappointment there might be at the material that she has to work with here is kept carefully - tightly - contained. Her mouth purses a bit and her hands draw together, twining save for her index fingers, which rise into a slender steeple. "It's all right. My schedule is incredibly light at the moment; I was prepared to manage a few more people than Eve woke up." Closer to 200, at least, than the 20 or so that got thawed out the other day. "I am aware that few - if any - of the crew have really had time to process yesterday's message, and I know that the Captain gave you in particular a somewhat challenging task to tackle. Have you had any luck starting this yet?"

Sully shrugs in response to Eisley's question and glances around while he speaks, not really making eye contact or even necessarily looking at her at all while he speaks. "Yeah, I looked through it. There's a lot there. Some of it is harder than others, you know, like Mandarin versus Spanish." He does glance at here there to judge if she shows any indication that she does know before continuing, "Mostly at this point I'm looking to see if there is anything that isn't obvious. Might be something encrypted beneath the surface and that's more important than speaking some language of a planet years away from here right now anyway."

Apparently she does. Despite the frumpy fidgeting she is attentive, and that little pause and glance in the middle earns a single, rather slight nod. "Good," Eisley answers. "I have not really had time to dig too deeply into those data banks other than to become aware of just how vast a collection is stored there. If the…" There is a moment of hesitation. Her mouth twists. "…Givers…did hide some sort of code in their language, it might be useful. If they are in fact extinct, then mastery of their language beyond what is required for operation of the Genesis may not be the best use of your time or skills."

Sully shrugs, "I kinda doubt their extinct" he says "Gotta be at least a few out there somewhere that left their society for other shores or whatever. Course they could be lying to us about all of this too. I'm more interested in if they might have inserted a Trojan horse or something in with the data. Not so much secret knowledge but a nice new screw you that will pop up later." He shakes his head, "We'll see, but yeah, we've got their language down pretty well already so that's not really my focus anyway."

Eisley smirks a little. "You mean a bigger screw you than selling our planet off as a big ball of snack cakes?" It's a hard act to follow. She leans back in her chair a bit, relenting and relaxing a touch. "Have you been able to extract information about any other alien cultures from the drone?"

Sully presumes that the answer to that is probably yes but hasn't gotten a mail back from Cas yet so he just says "I'm working on it. There is a lot there so you have to decide where to start. It's pretty much like deciding where to start reading the encyclopedia." He smiles faintly at the snack-cakes comment, "I figure they're just getting started."

At least someone can find some humor in that scenario. The XO is apparently not that someone, given the quality of the lingering smirk. She nods at the rest of it though, one or two little tilts of her head that bespeak further acknowledgment of the explanation. For now it seems to appease her, at any rate. "I am tempted to consult the manifest and see if there is anyone left in stasis who might be of assistance in this department. We have little -but- time right now, but this task could theoretically take just short of forever."

Sully bobs his head from side to side a few times as he speak, "Ah, well you can pull out Shevchenko. Though I kinda figured we'd be pulling everyone out soon enough. We're awake to stay now and there's no sense zooming around in space on a ship manned by skeleton crew."

"Are we?" Staying awake, that is. It is an almost rhetorical question. Eisley's fingers tap together one more time thoughtfully. "I don't believe that has been decided yet, to be honest. We are light-years away from anything of any great interest. While I begin to understand now why the ship was designed in this fashion, unless we engage the faster-than-light drives," and attract creepy alien attention, "it remains entirely possible that we will return to stasis in a few months' time. With that in mind, I will see about having Shevchenko brought out." This particular cycle of conversation brings her around to another question, related but different. "We will, however, have to choose a course soon. To which of our many possible futures does instinct call you?"

Sully shakes his head in response to the XO, "I figure pointing the ship at New Eden and taking a nap till we got there made sense but now that we are being hunted and don't know where we are going, nah. This isn't a simple go that way till you hit something mission any more which means we're gonna probably have a crew awake all the time I figure. Even if it isn't the whole crew." He drums his fingers on the chair a few times and then shrugs, "It isn't my job to decide. But I'd probably go through the wormhole" he says and leaves it at that.

Eisley does not look particularly surprised by this. Rather, she nods; it's possible that she expected that reply, though she gives no indication of her own thought on the matter. "This is one of the few scenarios in which all of the bridge cards are on the table. We do not have any advanced directives now. We do not really even have a destination at this point. Thus, I rely upon the crew for information, which I will compile and present, cohesively, to Captain Ramesh. The decision ultimately lies with him, but he is…" There is a pause here, lending itself to a beat of consideration while she glances sideways at the wall as if looking through it at something. "…a good man. He does have the welfare of the crew and the whole civilian contingent in mind, and while he will choose what he thinks is best, I do not think he will do so without council from the crew." Even CPO Sully.

Sully shakes his head, "Well whatever works for me really. Not like I've got much of a choice in it and so far it sounds like our choices are shit, shit, shit, and a big fat question mark. Given that, I'll take the question mark and if we get squashed like bugs in the gravity well of a black hole, then at least it ended quickly." He shrugs and then glances back at the data bad on the desk, "Well that's my report. I'll let you do what you need to do" he says.

"Thank you," says the XO with a tilt of her head. "Keep me appraised of anything of interest or importance that you glean from the archives. If nothing else, have Eve forward it to my data pad." Which she taps with a fingertip, just so. Therein lies the power; or at least a large portion of her brain, carefully ordered and organized and on tap.

Sully rises from his chair, "Alright, take care then" he says, once again not really using any of the formal military protocols that would be appropriate and then shuffles off towards the door and to the hallway beyond with the whoosh of the door.

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