Battle of the Stubborn

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OOC Date: April 8, 2011
IC Date: January 12, 2128

First Lieutenant L'Anse is called to take care of a situation in the Fabrication Bay.

Fabrication Bay - Deck One

Chaos. There's no other word to describe it. The cacophony of machinery and repair robots along with the noise of nearby engineering combine to create a symphony of metallic, mechanical hell that only an Engineer could love. High ceilings technically mean that this room takes up two decks, just as engineering does in the next room, but unlike engineering the machine shop does not make use of both levels. The equipment - some of which is over 20 feet high - simply wouldn't allow it. Bright floodlights hang from the ceiling high overhead, lighting up the wasteland of machinery and materials that allow for any part on the ship to be replicated and replaced. Without this room and its contents, the ship would never be able to repair any damage.

The doors to Lower Engineering stand at the opposite end of the room from the entrance. An extremely large cargo lift in one corner of the room allows for equipment and parts to be taken down to the Shuttle Bay below where it can then be used by the repair robots to patch the outer hull. A single door on the opposite side of the room from the cargo lift leads to the Chief of Engineering's Office.

[COM] Mono says, "First Lieutenant, come collect your lackey before he has an unfortunate accident with the propulsion drives and you're forced to scrape him off the ceiling."

[COM] Dominic says, "I'm on my way."

[COM] Mono says, "I'd also appreciate it if you had a good, long talk with him about showing respect to his superior officers and staying the fuck out of engineering if he can't."

Eyulf is on his way to the exit of the bay, tapping at his wrist-comp and smirking to himself as the message comes in over comps, already using Adam to check over some information while muttering in his native tongue.

The lights all throughout the ship come back online.

Living a few feet away from the Fabrication Bay does have it's perks like being able to travel there in the dark. That's what Dominic is doing, though half way into his journey the lights come back on. Once the lights are on, his
pace quickens and allows him to catch the Gunny as he's leaving. Once he sees the man, he stops as he looks at him. "What'd you do now, Gunny?" Is the first thing he says to the man.

"I attempted to make a request of engineering, only to find myself in extremely hostile territory, and learned that the little twit can't take it if you throw her own attitude back in her face." Eyulf responds, still moving
for the door unless Dominic moves to make him halt.

Dominic does, in fact, make him halt by stepping in his way. He frowns at the response before he speaks again. "First of all, that twit is an Officer. You are not. Understand? I would hope that you remember the rules of conduct." He
says to the man, his arms crossing at his chest. "Why don't you tell me the whole story about what happened here? Start from the beginning."

Eyulf grunts, stopping in front of Dominic when demanded "Back in sec-dep, if you don't mind, sir." eyeing Dominic now.

Dominic is standing in the doorway leading out too the hallway outside, arms crossed at his chest and dressed in civilian clothes. He is standing in Eyulf's path out of the room, his eyes focused on the man. "Why don't you tell me now? There's no one here, so this is a good place as any." Yeah, he's definitely not in a cheerful mood at the moment judging by his facial expression.

Eyulf glowers now "I was securing the access passages to the engineering deck to assure that if someone decided the ship needed to be destroyed, that they'd have a beast of a time doing it. Upon arrival, I found the Chief Engineer engaged in something being fabricated by the systems, I engendered to wait until the construction was completed so as not to risk distraction.

The Chief Engineer cloaked the inside of the ship, I inquired to the nature of the cloaking mishap and was soon threatened if I were to make mention of the situation. I notated my ability to end the situation without causing harm should I be attacked, and the debate become briefly heated between the two of us. You were then called sir." standing at ease now.

Dominic nods as he listens, still not moving from his spot or lowering his arms. Once the story has been told, he is silent for a few moments as he contemplates the information he just received. "Okay. If you ever end up in that situation again, remember that she's the Officer and she out ranks you. If you have a problem with her, you call me and I'll take care of it. That's what the Chain of Command is there for. I want you to find the Lieutenant Commander and apologize for your behavior. Then, tomorrow morning, you will report to my office at o' nine hundred hours. Understood, Gunny?" He asks as his arms unfold finally. "You have to remember that you represent the Marine Corp just as I do and we must lead by example. I would expect each of you to act as I or any other officer or enlisted personnel on this ship."

Eyulf's jaw muscles work for a moment, "As the Lieutenant orders sir." leaving it at that terse response, keeping everything else silent for the moment."

The doors to engineering slide open and the diminutive Chief comes stomping back into the machine shop with an expression that ought to require a license to possess. Her dark eyes little more than slits, she glances briefly at the Sergeant before her attention fixes on the First Lieutenant. "I expect at least an e-mail before anyone goes crawling around in the ducts back here," she begins, unleashing that rage upon the much taller man. "I can't be responsible for any injuries or deaths that happen because your people go poking around in places that they don't understand and shouldn't be in the first place. This ship is one big engine, and this section is the heart of that engine and if anything goes wrong I'm responsible for it. Back here, I'm in charge and my word is law. If your people can't respect that and keep their mouths shut, or resist the urge to go climbing around unannounced, they shouldn't be back here in the first place."

Turning at the approach of the Engineer, Eyulf simply comments in a practiced flat tone "Lieutenant Commander, with all due respect, I have studied the duct works, and open passage walkways, of this ship since before my initial acceptance to service aboard this craft. The security of your engineering bay is of as high an importance on my listings as the hibernation chambers and all facilities with bridge functions for the manuevering of this ship. In the future I will send forward notice when I am making my rounds to adhere to my duties in keeping The Lieutenant Commander's bay from potential threat percieved, suspected, or to be pre-empted. I applogize for my tone with The Lieutenant Commander earlier, and will make my leave to finish my security rounds if I have permission to do so."

Dominic nods as he continues to look at the Gunny. "Alright. Dismissed." He tells the man before he looks towards Mono after she speaks, letting Eyulf continue out his duties. "Yes, ma'am. I will speak with my guys about this, rest assured. I do apologize for the situation that—" His eyes turn to Eyulf as he speaks again. "Gunny, as the Lieutenant Commander said, this is her department and as such, it is under her command as the Security Department is mine. If you are going to perform maintenance relating to our department in someone else's department, it is considerate that you let them know so they don't turn on something that will fry your ass. It's a safety thing." He says after the apology is given, then turns to Mono. "Again, I do apologize for the mix up."

Mono flickers a glance back to Eyulf when he addresses her, but doesn't hold his gaze as he speaks. When he finishes and asks for his leave, she says nothing. That's not her call. Her attention is fixed on Dominic the entire time, some of the edge taken off of her anger though it's clear that there's plenty still beneath the surface. "I can deal with people being where they shouldn't," she states coldly. "I will, however, feed the next person who disrespects me in my machine shop to the energy capacitor. I don't need some tough guy questioning me on my duties or insulting me because he thinks he can get away with it. If he feels the need to stroke his manly ego, he can stay in his quarters and jack off to his catalog of hunting knives."

There is a ripple that flickers through Eyulf's form when Mono attempts to insult his apparent ego. The corners of his eyes crinkling up, but he turns and moves towards the exit, obviously using every last ounce of discipline to not laugh out loud at the very notion. He only marches on waiting until he's out of the bay, and in the confines of the Security offices to do that.

Eyulf presses the access pad to the main doors and the doors slide open.

Dominic's eyes move from Eyulf to Mono as she starts in again, nodding his head slightly. "Yes, ma'am. I have already addressed that with him and it will not happen again but with all due respect ma'am, I do not appreciate you speaking about my men the same way. We must set an example for the rest of the crew and speaking about an enlisted member of the crew does set a bad example for the rest of the crew." He glances back towards the door as Eyulf leaves before looking back to her.

"I don't give a shit WHAT you appreciate," Mono fumes in reply. "He treated me like a child in the ONE fucking place where I can safely expect not to be treated as such. When he feels the need to lecture me on how easily he could take me down and restrain me, he's acting like the stereotypical jar head and will be treated like such. How very impressive. He can beat up a five foot one female engineer. If he acts like a brute, you're fucking right I'll treat him like one! And then to belittle me about the cloaking device knocking out the lights?" She's almost on the verge of shaking, her anger has built up so much. "I lost my mother, father, and older brother back on earth, and I'm trying to get the cloaking device working so that our species has a chance of survival, and he wants to tell me how easily he could beat me up and make snide remarks about a miscalculation - a miscalculation made under the most stress and grieving that I've ever been under - and you want me to set a better example? Maybe I should just go back into stasis. Humanity might not be worth saving, after all."

Dominic sighs at her reaction. "Very well, but you're not the only one who lost family on Earth. Everyone did. I know you out rank me, so I won't argue your position but I will tell you that I am going to make a report to the XO and Captain about the situation. Both on your and Gunnery Sergeant's actions. Your actions are unbecoming of an officer. I've already chewed his ass about his actions yet you still continue to berate him. I can't stand by and let that happen to one of my men." He turns from the woman. "Good night, ma'am." He says before he starts to head out of the room.

"Go right ahead," Mono replies with a shrug of her shoulders. "I'm sure they'll give me a sternly worded warning in light of the fact that your man broke about 10 different protocols, endangered himself as well as me, put the entire cloaking device technology at risk and then proceeded to mouth off to some one WAY above his pay grade. You're absolutely right. How dare I lose my fucking temper? I mean, clearly I have no justification at all. I'm glad to see that you're keeping the important things in perspective."

Dominic stops in his tracks at her words. "As an officer, it is your duty not to loose your temper. You should know that." And that is all that he says to the woman without looking back at her. "Again, have a good night." This time he doesn't stop, letting the doors close behind him.

Mono snorts. "Not lose my temper?" she muses to no one in particular. "You CLEARLY have never read my file." With that, she goes back to work on the cloaking device.

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