Reporting as Ordered


OOC Date: April 9, 2011
IC Date: January 13, 2128

Dominic calls Gunnery Sergent Halle to follow up on the previous day's incident.

Chief Security Officer's Office - Deck Two

Unlike the many other offices aboard the ship, this office is smaller than the room that lays before it. Despite the lack of space, the room has been organized for maximum efficiency. Off to the left of the entrance is a medium sized desk with a plush office chair. Behind the desk, a wall rack hangs that displays various weapons from over the years. Two normal chairs sit on the opposite side of the desk for visitors and guests. Across the room from the desk is a large wall screen that continuously cycles through the numerous cameras on the ship as well as any other requisition security data about the ship and its crew members.

The rest of the walls in the room are covered by other personal effects belonging to the room's owner. Various medals, certificates and awards are framed and hung with care as well as various framed pictures of Dominic and various others. Though there is no pictures of him before he joined the military. For those who pay enough attention to the pictures and are observant enough may notice the picture of him and a young woman tucked in a darkened corner of the room. A large oriental rug has been spread out over the center of the room. Near the door, a number of single dog tags hang from small chains on a hook. Each tag has a different name on it.

[COM] Dominic says, "Gunnery Sargent Eyulf, report to my office. NOW."

[COM] Eyulf says, "En route"

As ordered, Eyulf Halle appears in the Security Chief's office, stopping just inside and snapping to attention. The rings under his eyes are fairly dark, and he looks a good many years older than he is, but he doesn't waver, only announces himself. "Reporting as ordered, Lieutenant."

Dominic sits at his desk, working on his terminal when the Gunny enters. He stops what he's doing and looks up at the man, his own face showing that he doesn't have an amused look on his face. He nods as the other man speaks before he motions towards the seat on the other side of his desk. "Yes, Gunny. Take a seat." He waits for him to sit down before he continues. "This is regarding the incident yesterday. I know you already have received the ass chewing from me and made you apologize to the Lieutenant Commander. I was thinking of making you work a shift with her in addition to the punishment that you already received."

Sitting and listneing to Dominic, Eyulf rests his hands in his lap. He himself doesn't look amused, nor like he's ever been more than cynically jovial in his entire life now that the shift for Mono was brought up. He keeps silent though, like a statue, not even a blink of the eye and barely nigh inperceptible.

Dominic pauses for a moment before he looks to the man, his expression lightening slightly. "But since she decided to insult you in front of me, I've decided to forego any additional punishments. Her actions were not appropriate for an Officer and no one, sure as Hell, doesn't insult a fellow Marine in my presence especially if they're under my command. I won't stand for it."

Eyulf nods his head slightly, one brow twitching upwards, "As long as it does not cause any further strife between you and her, departmentally, sir." still sitting like a statue. "I appreciate the sentiments though sir, I assure you."

Dominic nods his head at the reply. "I can't give two shits about that, Gunny. She did the same thing to me after you left, so I informed her of the report I filed to the Captain and XO in regards to the incident. That's why I called you down. I will not recommend any additional punishments for you except for a note about the insubordination in your records." Not that it will matter much since the only military personnel left are on this ship. "I have also informed them about Lieutenant Commander Monoko's behavior and conduct unbecoming of an Officer. So, you may be called into the Captain or XO's office to explain the situation again."

Eyulf mrmmmms, one corner of his mouth turning down for a fraction of a second. "It's a small wonder they put her on a ship never to be seen by Earth again, one way or another eh?" The man is still unmoving save for speech, "In regards of being called upon for the situation' he pauses 'Damnit… that's right, she cloaked everything inside, security cams wouldn't work…" grumbling slightly.

Dominic nods his head as he sits back in his seat. "Yeah, but there's not much else that we can do. Just remember that you have to speak to a Naval Officer the same as you would to me and if you have a problem with an officer, just smile and nod then come to me and I'll take care of it. Though we may be the last of humanity, we still have guidelines and regulations that we have to follow."

Eyulf grunts a little now, "Permission to speak openly, sir?" head inclining ever so slightly.

Dominic nods his head. "Of course, Gunny."

Eyulf leans forward now, elbows moving to rest on his knees so his hands can hang down. "You, me, those three others Eve cracked…' apparently having not taken the time, or perhaps not had yet, the inclination, to get the names of the other marines, 'don't matter a damn to some of the naval folks, let alone that little brat down in Engineering. They don't give half a shit - except maybe the Commander - and they will continue such a line of thought until we get into a situation where we have to bail them out. We were a token force, to make all the pretty pretty for the news coms before lift off, and we were going to be glorified base camp security when we landed to keep the civvies from forming thier own little kingdoms. Now it's a navy baliwack, and based on what Slugzord Lord of Space had to say to us, we're going to be running, and running, until it's time to vote someone to take a shot for the team so that they can keep on running." taking a moment to let that all set on the table, "Who do you think that's going to be, sir? I'm not saying we take over the ship, ignore duty, ignore most of protocol… But I am going to suggest we look at the broader picture of where us five awake, and the rest that are asleep, stand."

Dominic nods as he listens. "I understand your concern, Gunny and I don't like being outnumbered by the squids anymore that you do, but we have little choice. We have to rely on them as much as they have to rely on us. That doesn't mean that we have to or that we will be able to get along, but we've all got to rely on each other if we're going to survive. I'm not saying to not let your guard down either." He sits up slightly. "But I will voice your concerns to the XO if you would like." He thinks for a moment. "In fact, the XO and I have been discussing how we can get the personnel to bond more and the idea came up for a weekly poker game."

Shaking his head, a little, Eyufl frowns "I don't suggest poker, except those that the Shrink deems won't take losing personal. Situation like this, someone losing everything they have, especially a person who might have gambling problems?" he chews his lip. "Either way… mayhap poker will keep your lot sane… But you can't make a lot like this crew bond like it was a family sit-com… I know why you and the Commander are friends, what happened down south, why the Commander herself was put on board, the shrink, even The Brat. This is a ship crew nightmares are built on - Rejects, criminals, discipline cases and a few folk who wanted on to get away from the old world, one way or another, even if they were law abiding sorts." he smiles brokenly. "I like your optimism though, Dom… it's a good sign you won't go crackers any time soon. Same as my crawling around the ducts and living a paranoid OCD nut's wet dream keeps me sane…"

Dominic chuckles and nods. "Well, we haven't worked out the details or anything, but it was an idea that was thrown out there." He says as he smirks, sitting back slightly. "We've all figured out that the Secretary fucked up and sent us rejects here. He's dead and we're not. I think we're going to have to rely on each other at least until we find a place to settle." He shrugs at the mention of his optimism. "Well, I lived through the entire third World War, so I figure if I can do that, this mission ain't shit. At least we don't have people shooting and trying to kill us everyday. At least not yet." He sits back up and rests his arms on his desk. "I just want to at least make it until we can find a new home. I plan to die the same way I came into this world: bloody, screaming and with solid earth under my feet."

Eyulf chuckles at that "That's why they sent me along, Sir…" leaning back finally, and folding his arms across his gut. "I wasn't picked because I was a problem case you know."

Dominic chuckles and nods at Eyulf's reply. "Well that's good to know and I'm glad to have you aboard, Gunny." He says before he sits back in his seat then stands up. "That's pretty much all I had for you, Gunny. Is there anything else you want to bring up? Now is the time to do it." His body language and facial expressions have done a complete 180 since the start.

Shaking his head, the Gunny stands as well, "Only that I'm going to start blaring Reveille in your personal quarters at Oh four fifteen unless I see you, or more records of, you in the training halls, keeping a swivel-chair spread off eh?" grinning broadly.

Dominic smirks. "You do that, Gunny and I will make sure you're permanently assigned under Lieutenant Commander Monoko. Don't worry about me. I keep my training up to par." He says with a soft chuckle before he speaks again. "If there's nothing else, you're dismissed, Gunny."

Eyulf shakes his head "Nothing else sir." heading for the doors at his normal slow pace, hands folding behind his back, looking over everything appraisingly.

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