Disciplinary Action: Halle


OOC Date: April 9, 2011
IC Date: January 13, 2128

Commander Eisley speaks to Gunnery Sergeant Halle about the incident in the Fabrication Bay.

The EAV Genesis; XO's Office

Every good office is dominated by a desk and this one is no exception. The XO's desk is almost eight feet across, half that in width, a sheet of black glass that shimmers through with motes of color. Bits of it light up as needed, becoming brilliant controls that respond to a touch and then fade into nothing when not. Behind it sits a high-backed chair, sleek and black. Behind that is a plasma screen that occupies almost the entire wall, pretending to be a window that looks out into space when not otherwise in use. In front of the desk are two smaller chairs, also black though not as imposing. Black is a theme here; there is also a sleek black sofa set against one wall, ruining the perfect linear symmetry of the room. It matches the charcoal color of the carpet, and imposes in hard lines against the ivory walls.

Today the screen behind the Commander's desk has been turned into an image of the Bubble Nebula, a strange, ephemeral shape floating in a field of blue and gold, surrounded by stars. The Commander herself stands in front of this instead of sitting, hands clasped behind her back, though she does not turn until the man has announced himself. "I understand there was an incident in the Fabrication Bay last night." Eisley's neutrality is as cold and sharp as a scalpel. "Would you care to recount to me the details of this unfortunate scenario?"

"I was performing my rounds and insuring that the means for with to enter the Engineering sections of the ship would be secure and thus deter possibility of detrimentally inclined entry to be halted. Upon seeing the Chief Engineer I approached for a request I was going to make, I saw her busy and so waited until she had finished with current construction so as not to distract. At that time Lieutenant Commander Kurokawa caused the cloaking of the inside of the ship. I inquired as to the situation out of genuine curiosity. I was threatened with potential violence per the situation, informed the Lieutenant Commander of the tactical error in judgment by stating I would end such attempts without harm, I was verbally assaulted, I returned in kind, the Lieutenant Commander exited the fabrication bay for Engineering, and called for Lieutenant L'Anse whom I met with on my way out of the engineering sections." all said by Eyulf in a fairly even tone, remaining at attention the entire time.

Eisley listens with impressively calm silence, hands still behind her back, shoulders square; she is very nearly the model of parade rest, both formal and just a touch relaxed, attentive and apparently absorbing each detail as it is recounted. When he finishes, she has but one question. "Do you have anything that you wish to add to this report?"

Eyulf takes a moment of thought "Upon the Chief of Security's arrival I did so, was commanded to make a verbal recompense with the Chief of Security. I did so, and then left as dismissed."

Eisley nods, but only once. Then she straightens and approaches the desk, but gets only far enough that she can touch her fingertips to that wide plane of dark glass. "Gunnery Sergeant Halle, it is -never- appropriate to "respond in kind" to a senior officer. Insubordination is not an acceptable means of recourse under any circumstance, particularly not in the face of a tongue-lashing. Acceptable answers are "yes sir or ma'am" and "no sir or ma'am." The cold sharpness of her neutrality warps through this, lending it a frigid edge. Though calm and certainly not hostile, there is a keen, unyielding hardness to the words and to her stare. "Do you understand?"

"As The Lieutenant Commander orders, Ma'am." Halle just stands now, staring straight off into space.

"Good," she answers. "On this matter, I concur with Lieutenant L'Anse, and see no reason to press further disciplinary action. Your record thus far has been pristine, and we will all benefit most if you continue to keep it so." Eisley studies him for a moment, and for that moment there is nearly a twitch of expression, the threat of a quirk of her mouth into something that doesn't fully manifest. "Dismissed."

Eyulf nods at that and simply turns, "Yes commander." moving back towards the door hands folding behind his back along the way.

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