Drinks and Hoola-Hoops

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OOC Date: April 10, 2011
IC Date: January 14, 2128

Illyanna runs into Dominic in the Rec Hall and is joined by Pramiti.

Recreation Hall - Deck One

A cross between gymnasium and entertainment center, the Recreation Hall is where crew members spend a lot of their downtime and try to unwind. Divided into two sections, the section on the left contains a wide variety of exercise equipment, from standard treadmills and stationary bikes to elliptical machines and good old fashioned weights. There's even a boxing ring along with a heavy bag and speed bag nearby for those who wish to spar to let off steam.

The other half is comprised of a lounge area, featuring a mixture of sofas, loveseats and chairs along with coffee tables and end tables, and a small section of theater seating in front of a massive plasma display. The lounge area is set up around a bar staffed by a service robot programmed with the recipes for over 500 different types of drinks. Alcohol of every variety along with nonalcoholic drinks including espresso are available for crew members who are off duty. A large selection of reading material can be read via screen readers - book sized tablets that replaced printed material almost a century ago - and an impressive range of board games and card games are furnished as well. The theater seating facing the plasma screen comes equipped with ear buds so that the lounge and gym areas are not disturbed by the sound of the movies being shown.

With the work day over and now being off duty, Dominic sits at the bar of the Recreation Hall, a half empty glass of a dark liquid sits in front of him. He has a portable data pad that he is focused on. He is wearing his workout clothes and from the looks of things, he's finished his routine not too long ago. The Rec Hall is empty thanks to 99.9% of the crew still on ice which allows for peaceful concentration on his work. He picks up the cup in front of him and takes a long pull.

You'd think that after sleeping for six years, she wouldn't want to close her eyes again so soon. But the truth is, Illyanna was still fatigued from the awakening, and the traumatic news actually necessitates rest to calm her brain down. The sleep may have been a bit restless, but after a morning shower Illyanna feels more refreshed than the previous day. Lucky girl hasn't been called for active duty yet, so she's spent the morning wandering the lower decks in civvies: a thin black jacket over a gray hoodie, plus a pair of black track pants and runnig shoes. Finally making her way into the Rec Hall, hands in pockets of the jacket, Illyanna scans the spacious room and immediately spots Dominic. Well, he is the only living soul here. She strolls towards the grizzled marine, looking quite casual. "Morning." She greets once she's stopped a few feet from him. "Or evening. Whatever the time of day it is."

Dominic finally looks up from the datapad that the sound of a woman's voice. A younger woman's voice at that. He glances back towards the source, seeing the woman freshly thawed. He offers a smile and a nod of his head. "Morning to you as well." He says turning back to the pad and turns it off before he turns towards her in his seat. "I hope your first day wasn't as bad as the rest of ours." He chuckles as he motions to one of the many empty seats at the bar. "Care to sit or just here for the workout equipment?"

Illyanna bounces on the balls of her feet, looking a bit restless, as she scans the exercise area. "Do they have a hula hoop in here or something?" She squints, attempting to look for one, but turns her attention back to Dominic before she finds one. "I don't know about you, but considering I got thawed out from deep freeze like bad sushi, and found out the human race had been wiped out? On a scale of one to ten… that was definitely an eight." The girl deadpans, and does move to take an offered seat. She folds her arms on the counter top, but keeps her head turned towards the marine. "How was your first day?"

Dominic smirks slightly at the girl's energy as she bounces in place then looks around. "I'm not sure if they do or not. I go to the treadmill and weights myself." He picks up his drink again and takes another drink as she looks around the room. He looks up at her as she sits then asks about his first day. "Well, it started with a lot of vomiting followed by nausea and disorientation. After that we find out that we were lied to by the Givers and that we can't go to New Australia—" He quickly corrects himself. "I mean New Eden." He takes another drink before he sits the cup down. "Overall, I've had worse days."

"Yeah, if you can't trust an alien, who can you trust, right?" More deadpan delivered! Illyanna props one cheek on a hand now. "Mono kept talking about 'Snails'. She was talking about the Givers, wasn't she?" Because no one explained it to her yet. "I always figured they'd be better looking. Tall and muscular and hunky. Maybe green in color, in little red tights or something."

Dominic laughs as he looks at her. "Yeah. Can't trust aliens, can't trust humans." He pauses for a few seconds before he continues. "We're fucked." A smirk on his lips before he nods. "Yeah, she was. They look like slugs and sound like a guy with his nuts in a vice. Didn't sound nice." An eyebrow raises slightly before he smirks. "Yeah, seems like you've been watching one too many movies."

Illyanna winces, then shudders at Dominic's description of the Giver. "Ugh. So much for a girl's cross-species xenobiological romance fantasy." That is also a deadpan, right? Let's all hope so. Her almost eerie gray eyes now rest on Dominic's face, as if trying to read his expression. "Are we seriously fucked?" She asks, sounding a bit more serious. "I mean, not just us, but us as a species. And why can't we trust humans?"

Dominic glances back at her, ignoring his drink for the moment. "Yeah, looks like that went out the window." He smirks before he glances down at her next question, thinking about how best to answer it. Once he's got it, he looks back up at her. "No, I don't think we're fucked. We've just been dealt a huge blow. A setback. And I say that you can't trust humans because of human nature. It's in our nature to fight, light, steal, and back stab. Granted, the majority of the human race doesn't fall into that category and can be trusted, but there's others who you can't." He picks up his glass and drains what's left. He looks to the service bot. "A refill and another for the Junior popsicle." He says with a slight nod towards Illyanna.

Illyanna and Dominic are sitting at the bar, talking. Dominic has a glass that's empty, and Illyanna is kinda leaning over the bar counter, one arm folded as a cushion while the other is propping her cheek up - not very good posture for navy personnel. "Heyyy, who are you calling Junior?" The redheaded girl protests. Interestingly, she doesn't say anything about the popsicle part. She does, however, turn to glance at the service robot. "What exactly are you having, anyway?"

Dominic is dressed in his workout clothes and looks to have completed his workout not too long ago. As his drink arrives, he smiles and thanks the bot, a habit from his bar hopping days, before he looks back to the woman next to him. "I'm calling you Junior." He says with a smirk. "All Enlisted personnel are Junior and I'm having Whiskey of course. What else would I be drinking? Grape juice?"

Pramiti walks into the Rec Hall, wearing her uniform. She hasn't been in here since whatever tour or briefings were given pre-launch, so she takes a long look around the mostly empty center. She begins walking over towards the bar.

"Oh hell. Why not." Illyanna gives in after contemplating the invitation to have whiskey right after breakfast, and turns to nod to the service 'bot. "Can you add a little ginger ale to get rid of that gasoline smell? Yeah, thanks." While her drink is being prepared, Illyanna notices a third person appearing, and it's the uniform that first catches her attention. Without realizing it, she straightens up some in her seat.

Dominic smirks and nods. "It's good for you. This stuff got me through the War." He chuckles softly before he follows Illyanna's gaze towards Pramiti, noting the Navy uniform then the rank. He doesn't seem to change in his posture or anything, just offering a nod towards the new arrival as she sits. "Ma'am." Is all he says towards the woman as way of a greeting. As his drink arrives, he takes it up before he looks to Pramiti, raising the glass. "Care for a drink?"

Pramiti sits down at the bar. She shakes her head. "I was hoping for a stiff powdered goat's milk." She chuckles. "Probably a bit harder to obtain then liquor, now." She doesn't seem to notice, or mind, any change in posture or the lackthereof.

Dominic raises an eyebrow as he looks to the woman. "Goat's milk? That sounds…" He thinks for a moment, trying to find the right word to use. "horrible. I don't think I can ever drink something like that." He grins and takes a drink from his glass as Illyanna excuses herself for a moment. He looks back over to the Naval officer, looking at her for a moment. "I didn't meet you before we launched, did I?"

Whatever excuse it was, she really just reached behind the counter to fuss over something. Settling back in her seat, Illyanna, now armed with a glass of ginger-ale-diluted whiskey, turns back to incline her head at Pramiti and a rather informal, "Hey." Followed by. "They have regular milk behind the counter, I just checked. Might be a bit past the expiry date, but if you really feel the urge…"

Pramiti smiles. "Can't taste worse then whisky, can it?" she replies, before shaking her head. "I don't believe so, no. But I'm Pramiti. Chief Science Officer." She shakes her head towards Illyanna. "I don't drink cow milk or alcohol. Religious reasons. A pleasure to meet you both."

Dominic ahhs at Pramiti's explanation about her religion, nodding. "Very well, I hope you don't mind if I partake myself." He smiles before he looks back to Illyanna, smirking. "I think if they're expired, we may just want to jettison them towards Earth. Maybe the Devourers will drink them, get sick and kill off their entire species." He says the last part with a grin on his lips.

"Oy." Illyanna says in a small voice. Of course she went ahead and put a foot in her mouth. She briefly peers down at her drink, and decides it's best to take a nice big gulp. She does cast a sidelong glance at Dominic's attempt at humor though, grinning faintly herself. "That's actually not such a bad idea…" She says this thoughtfully, as if an idea is forming in her head. As Pramiti gives her name and position, Illyanna reaches over to Dominic with an elbow and nudges his arm. Hint, hint.

Pramiti snorts. "Perhaps." she admits with a bit of humor. "Then again, if a drink was ever called for, this would be the perfect occasion. I'm afraid I don't know anything about them however. Something light."

Dominic glances over to Illyanna with a confused look on his face as she nudges him, but them remembers that Pramiti introduced herself before he got distracted with the milk. He looks back to Pramiti and smiles. "I'm sorry. I'm such a tool." He says with a soft chuckle before he extends his hand towards the woman. "I'm Dominic L'Anse, Chief of Security. I apologize for my rudeness." He looks back to Illyanna with a look that expresses his thanks for her save.

Illyanna is useful like that! Grinning lopsidedly at Dominic, it's her turn to lift her chin at Pramiti. "Illyanna Shevchenko, chief of… well, nothing. I'm just a lowly computer tech." Such humility! "Seaman recruit. Which means I'll gladly code for food."

Pramiti laughs. "Code for food. I'll remember that, thats a good one. Nice to meet you both. So, manage to find a good time in here? I hope so, or we are all going to be very, very bored for a long time."

Dominic chuckles softly as he drains the dark liquid from the glass and slides the glass towards the bot before he looks back to the two women. He nods in response to Pramiti's question. "Yeah, I've got a routine down. Movies, drinking, work, hanging out, chewing people's asses. Never a dull moment." He says with a grin.

"Dude." Illyanna takes another swig of her diluted whiskey, and gestures towards the exercise area of the room with one hand in response to the Indian woman's question. "I cannot believe they don't have a hula hoop here. No. Hula. Hoops. Man! First the end of civilization as we know it, and now this??" A look of disgust comes over her face as she glances between Dominic and Pramiti. "How the hell am I supposed to keep my figure?"

Pramiti shrugs. "Never tried a hula-hoop, personally." she admits. "They are just round things though, right? Can't you just make one? I'm sure the fab shop can manage that." she says, before turning back towards Dominic. "I don't envy your job should we ever wake up the passangers. A lot of trouble waiting to happen, there."

Dominic smirks as he looks to Illyanna as she goes off about the hula hoop."You know that you can probably have one made in the Fabrication Bay down the hall, right? I really don't think that it's that hard." He says to her, echoing Pramiti before he points where the exercise equipment is. "There's exercise equipment over there that you can use to keep in shape. It's what I use." He looks back to Pramiti and smirks. "That's why we're not unthawing anyone who isn't needed. And when we do finally wake up everyone, we will do so in small numbers." He grins before he speaks again. "We've got it covered."

"You folks underestimate the importance of hula hoops." Illyanna notes sagely. "Because unlike your marines with your training stuff, I work on computers, which means I sit in a chair all day long. Without a hula hoop, I run the risk of my ass getting so huge it generates its own gravity well." She makes a face at both their suggestions. "I would if they'll prioritize my needs. I'm the lowest ranking person on this tub, and that includes all the other popsicles." Someone's still bitter about that!

"Thats not saying much, considering, as the Chief of Security here poined out, everyone's asleep." Pramiti replies. "The shop will be basically empty. I'll bet there won't even be anyone in it. I know for a fact the Science Labs are empty right now."

Dominic shakes his head as he looks back to Illyanna, chuckling softly. "Correction, you're the lowest ranking person on this tub awake." He says with a raised finger. He looks to Pramiti and nods in agreement before he looks back to Illyanna. "She's right. With 95% of the crew still in stasis, the ship is pretty much empty. If anyone does give you shit about making a hoola hoop using the ship's equipment, you send them to me and I'll chew 'em out, or at least buy you enough time to finish your hoola hoop and hide it." He grins at that with a soft chuckle.

Even Illyanna has to grin at that. "Man, it's great to have connections." She pushes away the now empty glass, crossing her arms over her chest and leaning back against the bar, before tilting her head in Pramiti's direction. "So Chief Science officer, huh? Are you planning on unthawing your people too? We were chatting about whether it's possible to hide FTL signatures with false signals. Maybe we should be consulting your guys too."

Pramiti shrugs. "Perhaps you should. I could certainly use a bit of help. However, it depends on what the captain's orders are. I would prefer to be as cautious as possible in case we will soon go back into cryosleep ourselves. Depending on his orders, waking others may be unnecessary or irrelevent. With the technologies we already have, I suspect we have an infinity of options at our potential, let alone worrying about implementing the new ones."

"I'm sure Mono will talk to you about it soon." Illyanna points out. They're the ranking officers, after all - it's not really her place to start the discussions. Noticing Dominic going quiet, the redheaded girl eyes the security chief thoughtfully for a moment. "What about you, chief?" She attempts at familiarity here; it's a calculated risk, seeing how 'cool' she thinks he is, Illyanna wants to see just how right she is. Getting to her feet, she rests her elbow on the marine's shoulder, not in a girly way, but more of a 'buddy' manner. "How many marines are you planning to thaw out?"

Pramiti nods to Illyanna. "I was just seeing what you two thought." She glances towards Dominic as Illyana asks her question.

Dominic glances to Illyanna as she asks her question, quickly glancing towards Pramiti before he looks back to Illy. "I don't plan on unthawing any more Marines that I don't need to keep the security and integrity of the ship and its crew. It's my job to make sure we have a fighting chance to have our species survive and that's what I plan on doing, but I won't use more resources than we need to."

At least the security chief doesn't frown or yell at her for the elbow rest, but his serious tone when it comes to his job is enough to make Illyanna leans back and away. "Get the program running with the minimal amount of codes. Efficient." She bobs her head at Dominic, and now that she's standing, she shoves her hands into the pockets of her jacket and leans back against the bar.

Pramiti stands back up and nods to the other two. "Well, I'm going to get back to work. Let me know if you dig up any goat's milk. Thanks for the chat." She heads out of the rec room.

Dominic nods his head as he looks back to Pramiti, offering a wave. "I'll send my security boys out to look for it." He says with a soft chuckle before she leaves. He then turns to Illyanna, nodding. "Pretty much the same idea." He says in regards to her coding example. "Save the scarce resources that we have by only using what we need." He smiles and smirks. "And I do believe that's what the Captain and the Commander have adapted to, though I'm not sure about that."

Illyanna furrows her brows. "I'm going to sound like I lost my marbles, but now I can't wait to go on duty." She admits. "I feel blind and deaf without active access to a terminal. I don't even know what resources are available on board." Beat. "Think I can take a peek around the bridge?"

Dominic shrugs his shoulders slightly as he thinks. "I don't think it would be a problem." He says, draining the last of his drink before he stands. "Give me about a half hour to shower and change. I'll take you up there and show you around." He chuckles softly. "Not like there's a lot going on at the moment anyway."

"Oh yay." Illyanna's gray eyes widen and practically light up, a big smile spreading over her lips while she bounces on the balls of her feet again. The girl can be excitable! "Sure, half an hour's fine. Should I, uh, get into uniform or something too? I'd rather not get chewed out over some Naval regulation and get ejected through an airlock."

Dominic shakes his head. "No. Don't worry about it. If anyone has a problem with it, you're my guest on the bridge and I'll take any heat for any problems that people have. I don't give a shit anyway, my reputation doesn't matter." He says before he shrugs. "Give me a half hour and I'll meet you back here." He says before starts to head to his quarters to get cleaned up.

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