Defrosting Ivan

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OOC Date: April 18, 2011
IC Date: January 28, 2128

Lance Corporal Ivan Shevchenko is brought out of stasis.

Crew Stasis Hold - Deck Two

The sickly green glow of the stasis chambers provides most of the light in the cavernous hold - they make enough light on their own, little else is really needed. Two hundred and twenty such chambers are scattered about the hold, containing the entirety of the crew when they're in stasis, each roughly the size of a phone booth and cylindrical in shape.

While the majority of a stasis chamber is made of metal and contains all of the sensitive equipment needed to sustain the person within, the front is made of a high grade plexiglass that is completely clear, allowing a view of the person inside. One would almost think that they stand upright except that their toes do not touch the ground, instead they float in a greenish liquid that accounts for the color of the light coming out of each unit. The people inside wear only the minimum necessary - a version of tighty whities for the men, and the same plus a halter style top for the women. Numerous tubes and wires are connected to them at points all over their bodies, pumping in and filtering out liquid similar to the kind they float in. One of the elements of stasis involves removing all of the blood from the body and replacing it with a synthetic liquid that preserves the internal organs and bones and prevents the body from aging. The liquid they float in does the same for the skin, muscles and hair. Wires connected to the head and various parts of the body stimulate the muscles and brain to prevent atrophy and to keep the person in a hypnotized state of peace.

In addition to the stasis chambers themselves, the hold also contains several control and monitoring stations that allow manual operation of the stasis system when crew members are awake. One door is all that the hold contains, and it leads out to the central corridor of Deck Two.

Consciousness comes slowly, starting at the back of the mind and bubbling up like pockets of air in molasses. It seems to take forever. The first sense to come alive is the general sense of awareness, of being present in the here and now - wherever and whenever that maybe. Realization dawns that the body is floating, and the faint prickles of wires disengage in from the body follows shortly after. Warmth begins to flood in as blood returns to the body and synthetic preservative is cycled out. Tubes retract save for those in the nose and mouth that still provide oxygen. Bubbling and hissing fill the ears and the feet gradually touch the bottom of the chamber, the liquid draining away, and soon feet and legs support the body, or at the very least attempt to. Some may find themselves quite shaky despite the regular stimulation of the muscles. When eyes finally open, the world is blurry and vague. One sensation overcomes everything else.

The hunger.

Such hunger.

Illyanna never left the stasis hold through the 30-minutes awakening cycle for this: is it really any wonder? She's taken a seat at a monitoring station, bent over her data tablet and sliding her finger back and forth across the touch-screen. A cup of steaming coffee is on the work station, possibly the only thing keeping her going right now given how beat-up and tired she looks. She's here to wait for Ivan to thaw out, but it doesn't mean she can't work while she's waiting!

Waking up anyone requires permission, generally of the executive sort, and the easiest person to get to sign off on that is Commander Eisley. Maybe that is the reason why she turned out for this? Maybe this is just the high point of any week? Fresh meat for the ghost ship is surely always welcome. Alternatively, maybe there was just nothing pressing on her surely busy schedule this morning. Either way, with just a few minutes left on the cycle she strolls through the doors, looking far more bright-eyed and spit-polished than the technician yonder. She does take quick note of Illyanna, and offers a little nod in that direction.

As the end of the wakeup cycle starts to come to the end, Dominic moves into the Stasis Hold, a change of uniforms and boots tucked under one arm and a bag of food in his hand. He moves towards the stasis pod of the new Marine popsicle to come out of the freezer. In his other hand he has an apple that he's taken a bite out of and chews as he offers a nod towards the two women already present. "How's the newest contestant on 'Oh shit, my lift is turned upside down' doing?" He asks after he swallows the food in his mouth.

So, it's wake up time for little Ivan, and he does do that - as described. He's got himself some strong feet and legs, so they do mostly support him even if he has to press his hands to the inside of the chamber for balance. That, or he just loves the feel of wet plexiglass on his skin. Oh baby. His head hangs, and if he's not imagining it, he growl-groans like an irritated bear that's been woken from its winter slumber well before the snow has melted. This makes bears angry and confused, and angrier because they're confused and also hungry.

Illyanna peers up upon hearing footsteps and voices. "Ma'am." She squeezes her eyes shut and reaches up to rub at them. The data tablet is put down just as Dominic appears, but before she can answer, the cycle completes and a familiar face returns to the world of the living. "Ivan!" Illyanna calls out, hopping off her seat and rushing towards the newly thawed popsicle. Standing in front of his pod, the girl says something to him in… presumably Ukrainian.

"It appears that you are right on time for once, Lieutenant," observes Eisley. In this particular situation she is clearly just along to oversee and observe, because she does not move to interfere with the waking process, or with this 'happy' reunion. Instead she settles into a position akin to parade rest, hands folded behind her, and watches both Illyanna and Ivan. Maybe she's just standing back to see if the grumpy bear decides to bite first and ask questions later?

Dominic smirks as he looks to the Commander, shrugging. "Traffic was light today. Managed to make it on time after all." He says with a smirk as he looks at her before he turns his attention to the man before him. "How you feeling?" He asks him after a moment to see if the man can stand on his own or needs help.

Ivan says something in Ukrainian, possibly. It's definitely not English, whatever it is. With questions and talking coming at him and going around him from unknown blurs, he lifts a hand like - yeah-great-fine-just-give-me-a-second-here. He blinks a few times, the last repetitions involving a scrunch up of his entire face when the lighter blinks just don't seem to do much. Those do the trick. "Ugh. Is it ten years already?"

Illyanna steps back from the stasis pod as Ivan starts to gather his wits; far be it for her to jeopardize his macho-ness by giving him a hand. "Not yet." She answers his question, but doesn't elaborate. Instead, she turns to Eisley and Dominic - maybe one of them wants to give poor Ivan the good news? "So, uh, this here is my brother, Ivan." Beat. "Say hi?"

It is rather difficult to stand on tremendous ceremony during these wakings-up. The newly awakened just are not in any shape to snap to attention, and thus the Commander, at least, does not seem to expect any. His question is noted, but Eisley looks to Dominic to answer it, one brow lifting a little tiny bit to convey some unspoken though to him. Brother and sister might have their own spoken language, but she and the CSec seem to be almost telepathic anymore.

Adesida makes her way into the stasis hold, in medical duty scrubs rather than a standard uniform. "I was told another was emerging from the pods, Commander," she says. She does take a moment to show Eisley the proper ceremony, for her part, but only a moment. The main of her attention on wakey-waking Ivan.

Dominic lets the higher ranking officer break the news to Illyanna's brother since she's had more practice at giving it than he has. But the look she gives him says otherwise, so he steps forward and shakes his head. "Not yet. It's been about six years since we left. We're no longer heading to New Eden." He says, taking a towel from within the clothes and holds it out to the other man. "I've got a towel for you to clean yourself off, a change of clothes and we'll take you to the galley. Once you've eaten, we'll get you briefed."

"That's good. Who wants to go to New Eden anyway? We'd eat the wrong thing and get booted out." Ivan replies, voice gathering strength and his mind seems to be more or less okay too. Well, okay for him. You have to be a little loopy to volunteer to disarm bombs. With the offer of clothes, and the realization that he's standing there in front of his sister and at least two other females, he steps out of the pod and accepts the towel. "Thank you, sir." As he gets to drying off, he grins suddenly. "Six years in the same underpants. A new personal record."

"Don't remind me." Illyanna notes with a hint of disgust in her voice, but still, the normally yappy girl is more subdued than normal. She does remain rather close to brother Ivan, even if she glances up as Adesida makes an appearance. "Yeah, so… go put some pants on before you embarrass us both." She clears her throat and straightens a bit towards Eisley and Dominic. "Mind if I take him to his quarters? I promise to bring him down to the mess hall ASAP."

Eisley finds little humor in Dominic's presentation, but she seldom expresses that while in uniform. The moment is a sober one. In the meantime she offers Adesida a nod, giving both recognition and acknowledgment with the same gesture. "We're upping our quota of Marines by one to match the increase in awakened Naval personnel," she explains. It is as good an explanation as any, really. Illyanna's question earns the same thing: one tilt of her head. "You may."

Dominic smiles as he looks to Illyanna. "We'll meet you both in the mess hall when you're ready and go ahead and take your time." He adds in after the Commander gives them permission to go. "And congratulations on the new record, Lance Corporal." He calls back to the other man with an amused smirk on his lips.

If she requires any further explanation, Adesida does not ask for it, but inclines her head at Eisley's explanation. "I see, Commander. Do you anticipate many more personnel being woken from stasis soon? We have not see any great ill effects from the transition to waking yet." She looks to Illyanna. "Discomfort and great hunger is normal at first, as I am sure you remember. If it goes beyond that, do alert a medic, but that should pass quickly."
Ivan wraps the towel around his waist, takes the uniform and tucks it under his arm. He'll change in his quarters, hopefully and not be tempted to extend his record any further. With his wits more or less back to him, he stands at proper attention and salutes before allowing Illyanna to drag him away. He does the same for Eisley, even if he doesn't look terribly formal without pants and a shirt, and boots. "Thank you, Sir. Ma'am." Adesida is listened to, definitely, but since none of the symptoms include extremities falling off, he seems not too concerned.

Dining Hall - Deck One

//A fairly large cafeteria style dining hall, this room is capable of seating all 220 members of the crew at once. Tables are round, each set with six backless circular seats that allow plenty of elbow room. In addition to these, there are also several sets of square four seat tables along the edges of the room. The artificial lighting overhead is slightly dimmed, more relaxing and subdued than the corridors of the ship.

A service counter lines the far wall, several service robots taking the orders and dishing out the meals of the crew as they are ready. All of the fruits and vegetables are supplied by Hydroponics, and most are fresh year round, supplemented by additional fruit and vegetables from dry freeze storage. All of the meat and protein, however, is a special synthetic recipe similar to soy and based on a formula provided by The Givers. It is far more capable of reproducing the texture and taste of various types of meat and consists of a mixture of soy, algae and basic raw animal protein stored in dry freeze. By mixing these with synthetic flavor additives, it becomes almost impossible to tell that the meat of any given entree, from beef to fish and everything in between, is not exactly what it tastes and feels like. The service robots have been programmed with over 50 different ethnic cuisines and a total of over 1000 recipes, meaning that just about everyone can find something that tastes like home.//

Poor Ivan isn't allowed a long time to get himself presentable, as Illyanna keeps nagging while he gets dressed and stuff. Well, maybe not /nagging/, but the siblings clearly had some unresolved discussions they left behind six years ago, and Illyanna feels compelled to finish it. As she escorts Ivan into the mess hall soon after, she's still yapping at her brother! "…blowing up random things, people and their pets? That makes no sense." Fortunately, she pipes down upon entering the mess hall, since Eisley and Dominic are already here.

Eisley has taken up a seat at a table over yonder - near the edge of the room, if it matters - and has angled her chair there in such a way as to almost have her back to the wall. Almost. She has elected to pass on breakfast, but in deference to the hour has a cup of coffee cradled in both hands. It's easy to find her, and Dominic too, most likely; in that same manner it is easy to pick out the Ukrainians as they come in and loudly and her attention slides that-away.

Ivan simply reaches up, sticks his finger in the ear closest to the yapping Illyanna and twists it around in there like he means to either clean it out or permanently disable his hearing on that side. Either way, with his finger in his ear it makes it real hard to hear - so that's good. He pops it out upon entering the mess hall, checks for wax, and if there is, thoughtfully examines it for proper texture and color. "What does all this have to do with food?" He'll eventually ask his sister.

Dominic sits with the Commander, enjoying a cup of coffee as well. He has his back to the wall as wall as he look at the woman across from him. He speaks idly with her until the Ukrainians make their arrival. He glances back towards the two with a smirk. He gives Eisley an amused look at the exchange of the siblings.

Illyanna gives Ivan a half-bored, half-annoyed glare for his troubles, instead giving him a nudge in the arm and ushers him towards the officers' table. "Here he is." She announces as they approach the table, glancing briefly at her ever-present data tablet. "Aha, 18 minutes. It's free if the delivery takes more than 30." Wait, what?

"I sometimes wonder what I missed by being an only child," says Eisley to Dominic. "Then I witness things like this." How it helps her wondering is best left to the imagination, but she tilts her head in greeting to the pair as they near. "Very good, Seaman Shevchenko. He seems to be no worse for the wear." Her gaze slides from one to the other and she studies Ivan appraisingly for a beat before going on. "Get some food in you. Six years on an empty stomach is nearly unbearable, I've discovered."

Ivan salutes where appropriate - they still do that, right? If not, we'll blame that whole being full of preservative fluids for six years thing. After giving his sister a weird look for her 18 minutes thing, he'll move to wherever he deduces the food will be served and harass a robot for it. "Robot! Give us a bowl of borscht, a loaf of bread, vodka and chocolate."

Dominic chuckles softly as he nods, looking to Eisley. "Luckily, I was an only child." He says before the two arrive. He offers a nod in greeting to the two as the others, letting the Commander take the lead. He returns the salute, but doesn't really bother with standing to do so.

Illyanna plops down in an empty seat, next to the one clearly reserved for Ivan. The girl still looks exhausted, but nonetheless she places the data tablet on the table and continues tapping on the touch screen. She's not a world-renowned computer geek for no reason.

Eisley looks after Ivan, still thoughtful, though the expression twists into a somewhat bemused smile as bits of that order carry across the distance. One of the advantages to this light a crew is that there is never any wait at the chow line, and the robots do act quickly to get food. The vodka is even ice cold! It does not take her expression long to warp into something a little bit bleak, however, and it is this same that is turned first upon Illyanna, then on Dominic. "Really, one of you two should do the honors in this case."

Once that robot makes good on breakfast, Ivan marches himself back to the table and drops into the seat with his tray. He starts on the bread, ripping a chunk off that he just about jams into his mouth. Something stops him at the last possible moment, and that something appears to be manners. "This won't be pretty, ma'am." He warns Eisley, in case she wants to look away while he bogs food into his mouth hole. Fairly warned, he gets his nom nom nom on. If anybody wants to explain why its only year six, and New Eden is no longer the destination - he's not going anywhere until his tray is empty.

Dominic turns slightly in his seat as he looks to Eisley, nodding. Once Ivan sits down and gets his grub on, Dominic glances to Illyanna before he starts to speak. "As I told you before, New Eden isn't our destination any more. We were woken early and received a message from the Givers. They told us that they were being hunted to extinction by a raced called the Devourers. In order to save their civilization, the Givers gave the Devourers the location of Earth. They sent us the ship and messages because they were guilty and wanted to save us. The Devourers have attacked Earth and as far as we know, it has been lost." He pauses and gives the information time to sink in.

Illyanna looks up from her precious data tablet at Eisley's comment, frowning with an unspoken 'can you do it, pleeeeease?'. Except Ivan's messy feeding sends a glob of something on to her tablet, to which she peers down unhappily. "Okay, this is gross." She reaches for a napkin and carefully wipes the slob away. Illyanna is still trying to stall for time when it comes to the good news, but Dominic makes it all moot. She falls quiet and lets the marine give Ivan the 30-second version of events, and peers sidelong at her brother. "We think… everyone back home is dead." She adds.

There isn't much to add to that and Eisley doesn't try, immediately. She sets her coffee cup down but does not let go of it, attention returning to Ivan to watch the reception of this news with that same very bleak interest. Apparently the news does not get easier with the telling, or with the hearing.

Ivan has a spoon in hand when Dominic starts talking, but he sets it back down and balls his hands into fists as though he's ready to punch through the table just to make sure it realizes how… upset he is about everyone back home being assumed dead. There's a quiet aside to Illyanna in Ukrainian again. It sounds like a question or two, interspersed with some choice swears. When he looks back to Dominic and Eisley across the table, he has a nod for them. He got that. Now he's really glad he ordered vodka. He picks that up, lifts it to toast a dead home world and slams it back.

Dominic watches Ivan's reaction, but doesn't move from his spot or react much. Instead, he just continues speaking. "We were given two pieces of alien technology which as been integrated into our systems. A cloaking device and a Faster Than Light technology. We were also shown three possibilities as new homes. Two planets which would not sustain us long and a wormhole, which is our current destination. We are going to go through the wormhole and make a new life for ourselves there. The Devourers have shown no ability or desire to enter the wormhole, so we're taking our chances there."

Illyanna does murmur back to Ivan in Ukrainian, looking more glum than her usual sparky personality, before falling silent while Ivan toasts. "The good news is, we are still alive." She offers, as she switches back to English, no doubt for the benefit of the officers. "The bad news is, I'm the only family you've got left. So." The girl deadpans, and turns her eyes back to her data tablet.

"…other than that," says the Commander rather somberly, "our mission parameters remain the same. We are still looking for a planet suitable for colonization. We still have a duty to our hundred thousand civilian passengers." There is no real levity in this; her eyes are hard, her expression grim. Once more she looks between brother and sister, then slides her gaze across the table to Dominic, treating him to that same bleak, blue stare.

Ivan puts the glass down and hangs his head and stares down into his bowl of borscht. It's a bit much to take in all at once, right? It's enough to put him off his breakfast, but he hasn't eaten in six years so, well, he'll eat, but he won't enjoy it. He goes at it mechanically, listening to the Lieutenant's summary of the situation he's awoken too. "Well. This is something to think about." He'll say, perhaps just for a lack of anything better.

Dominic picks up his coffee and takes a drink as Eisley finishes up for him. He looks back to her, offering her a reassuring smile as Illyanna tries to calm Ivan down a bit. After a moment, he looks back down towards the newly thawed man once more. "You're to report to the Doc for a physical and then see the shrink to make sure you're fit for duty. As of now, you're on a mandatory 48 hour leave status."

All things considered, Ivan's taken the news better than Illyanna did. Letting out a breath, Illyanna straightens in her seat and steals another sidelong glance at her brother. "The ship also has lots of vodka." She offers somewhat lamely. Deciding that her brother needs some time to accept the shocking news, she does slide closer to him to offer silent support, but her attention is back on Eisley. "Ma'am, I've been working on the alien data for almost 72 hours straight on coffee power alone. This stuff is super advanced, but I managed to make some sense of the system structure. I isolated a command code in there that, uh, points to Monoko's box-thingie." She explains. "I wanna run it by her and see if we can figure out what it is, before we give you a full report."

Mention of Monoko's box-thingie draws Eisley's attention, as it is at least more immediately relevant - sadly - than the presumed decimation and conversation of Earth into lunchables. One brow lifts a little bit at this revelation and again her mouth thins out, though she does not look precisely pleased by this tidbit of new information. "I am still waiting for that report with much anticipation," she points out. "But I will wait a bit longer provided you get some actual sleep first."

"Monoko's box thingie." Ivan repeats, more to himself than anyone else at the table… Unless he's addressing his soup, or his loaf of bread. He forces his chin up and nods to Dominic shortly thereafter, verbalizing an acknowledgment too, "Yessir." When in doubt or reeling from completely over the top horrible bad news, follow orders. And eat your vegetables. "I will do this now." He stands, salutes and then grabs more bread for the trip. Before he makes to get gone, he gives Illyanna a pointed look and more Ukrainian words to fit in her ear.

Dominic nods his head once to Ivan. "Alright. Make sure you get something to eat when you're able. You'll need your strength." He says before he takes a drink from his coffee, letting the others add anything else they want or need to at this point.

Illyanna turns and looks up at her brother, a rare, genuine look. She replies something in their native tongue as well, and collects her data tablet before standing up. "We'll get something to you first thing tomorrow, ma'am, but there's a ton of stuff in the data that I'll need some time to go through completely." Beat. "Can I, uh, go back to work, ma'am?"

"You can get some sleep," reiterates Eisley, looking rather pointedly at Illyanna. "Otherwise I might have to order you to the medlab." While this is a calm kind of statement, there is a teeny, tiny spark of warning back behind it. It is not quite a threat, nor is it really an order. "I'm almost certain that everything will still be on your datapad in a few hours. As spectacularly thrilling as being this close to cracking a new alien database is, you're on the very outer edge of acceptable waking time." One brow lifts a bit at the end of this, as if to query about whether she's conveyed her meaning effectively or not.

Dominic watches the man leave, glancing back towards the others, frowning slightly. His eyes turn to Illyanna. "Is he going to be alright?" He asks her before he takes another sip from his coffee, an eyebrow raised slightly. "I'm not going to have to post extra guards at the armory am I?"

Illyanna almost ducks at the Commander's words, as if she can dodge Eisley's calm wrath. "Yes ma'am. Sleep. Got it." She pauses to watch Ivan take off, then turns back to Dominic. "Ivan's a survivor, he'll be alright. He likes to blow things up, but usually not his own ride. I wouldn't worry about him." She peers down at her data tablet for a brief moment, before taking a step towards the exit. "I should go. Sleep, that is."

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