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While on the surface this game may appear to be a Sci-Fi adventure game along the lines of Star Trek or Stargate, this game at its core will be a survival horror game set in space. Instead of thinking of the titles listed above, you would be better served to think of Alien, Aliens, Dead Space, Event Horizon, Pandorum and the like. Without giving the plot away, suffice it to say the journey will not go according to plan. Combat, however, will not be central to the game. Many of the dangers characters will face are more existential in nature, and those that are physical are often better run from than engaged. Brains will serve you far more than a high rating in combat skills, and chances are if you're fighting something, you're going to lose.

Characters on the game are largely military, with most of them being Navy. Just because a character is military doesn't mean that they're a badass soldier - in fact, as this was never intended to be a combat mission, the vast majority of the Navy and Marines on board are science, command and support personnel. If you're looking for a game where you play space Marines kicking alien asses, this is the wrong game.

Military characters are first divided into Navy - the large majority of the game, and Marine - a small minority. Those who are wanting to play tougher, more physically oriented characters would be better off choosing Marine. It should be noted, however, that just as these Marines are a very small minority of the crew, they will also be a small minority of the player base. To see what types of characters are available in either service, check the bulletin boards.

Once you have chosen which branch to belong to, you need to choose whether you are enlisted, or a commissioned officer. Enlisted men and women signed up at their local recruiter's office for an initial four year term of service. Whether your character is still in that initial term, or decided to re-enlist, is up to you. Enlisted men and women are lower on the food chain but comprise the majority of the services. Most characters, therefore, should be enlisted, and may be created in chargen without an application. Some enlisted rise to the rank of officer, referred to as an NCOs, or Noncommissioned Officers. These do not require a full application, but will be given much higher scrutiny before approval. Commissioned officers are those who attended Academy and were trained for leadership roles. Commissioned officers are by application only. We are using the United States Navy and Marine ranks on this game, and these can easily be found online.

Before choosing your rank, it might be a good idea to flesh out your background. Now that you've decided whether you're enlisted or not, you need to decide who your character is and why they went the route they did. Once they joined the service, what did they do? What were they trained in? Were they good at what they did? Keep in mind, just because most characters might see being assigned to the Genesis as a form of punishment doesn't mean that everyone on board was sent here as punishment. Perhaps you crossed the wrong officer, or took the fall for something you didn't do. Or maybe you do deserve to be here, after all. You will need to figure out who your character is, where they came from, how they grew up and what brought them to this point in their life. Characters may be of any ethnicity and hail from any country so long as they have a reason to have joined either the Earth Alliance Navy or Marines, and speak English as one of their languages. You can quite literally be anyone from anywhere, of either gender.

If you have an idea for a character's background but are unsure what route to take in the military, contact Staff and we will be happy to help you put the pieces together. We would rather you have a strong sense of character and identity and no clue about the military than to be another gun bunny with an encyclopedic knowledge of the military looking to play shoot 'em up.

After you have pieced together your background and have a good idea of who your character is, you may go through chargen and set them up. Simply follow the directions provided and feel free to ask for help if you need it.subscript