Medical Tech

What is the current level of Medical Tech?

The Givers, in the blueprints for the ship, gave humanity to technology of nanites - microscopic robots capable of repairing the human body. Cuts, bruises, burns and other injuries can be healed in hours rather than days or weeks with an injection of nanites near the site of the wound. Nanites can reconstruct small areas, like fingertips, or repair damaged organs, but cannot completely replace limbs or organs. Human technology had already developed cybernetics to replace missing limbs and synthetic organs for organ transplants. Neither cybernetics nor synthetics are quite as good as the original, however, so cybernetics are not voluntarily taken to boost or enhance human ability. If anything, they perform slightly under natural ability and are only seen as an adequate replacement when something is damaged beyond repair. Beyond this, stasis technology allows the human body to be essentially frozen in time, unaging and immortal though in hibernation so long as the brain is alive at the time that the body is put in stasis. People who suffer from incurable diseases back on earth were often put in stasis until such time as a cure could be found.