The Nations

What is the state of the Nations at this time?

The most important nations and regions that were destroyed or annexed are as follows:

Japan (destroyed by flooding and earthquakes) - refugees from Japan were largely taken in by the United States and granted full citizenship. Most of them settled along the West Coast, specifically Seattle and San Diego.

North and South Korea (claimed by China as a part of the Asian Union) - the Koreas, along with most southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos, were annexed forcibly over the course of the late 21st century leading up to the war.

The Mideast (claimed by China as a part of the Asian Union) - almost the entirety of the Middle East was swallowed up by the Asian Union at the start of the war. This is what triggered the war to begin in the first place. Over the course of the war, much of Africa was also claimed.

India (destroyed as a nation by war and natural disasters) - many of the refugees fled to Europe as the toll of the war combined with multiple natural disasters made the country unsustainable. Much of the land was annexed by the Asian Union along with Pakistan and Afghanistan during the early years of the war.

Russia (voluntarily joined the Asian Union) - after holding out as an independent state at the start of the war, Russia sided with China and joined the Asian Union within the first year rather than be squeezed in between it and Europe. Several former Soviet states were also annexed into the Union.

Mexico (annexed by the United States following severe natural disaster) - after the government collapsed under the weight of disaster, the United States stepped in with humanitarian aid in return for giving up sovereignty.

The two sides in the war started out as the United States and China, but as China began to form the Asian Union, the U.S. joined with most of the European Union and South America along with Australia and Canada to form the Western Alliance. The war was then fought between these two combined sides. After the war, the Earth Alliance was formed from the joining of the two sides, though several nations refused and went rogue, refusing to hand over power to a two country ruler-ship essentially consisting of the United States and China. Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Argentina and Russia were the largest and most notable of the rogue nations.