What does a standard EA Navy uniform & dress code?

The standard uniform for officers and enlisted alike is a two piece outfit consisting of a top and a bottom, both of which are fairly form fitting without being revealing. The bottoms are black pants with a dark green stripe on the outside of each pant leg, from cuff to waste. These are fairly snug and follow the contours of the body, though not obscenely so. The tops are likewise black and are long sleeved and high necked with a dark green stripe running from cuff to collar along the outside of the sleeves, similar to the pants. Only the hands and head are left uncovered. Reinforced boots cover the feet and lower legs halfway to the knee. The pin that denotes rank is attached to the left breast, and while each rank does have its own insignia it is probably best for description purposes to simply mention the rank it would denote. Marines' uniforms are similar in appearance, but are reinforced with padded plates of armor all over the body.

While black in color, the material is slightly metallic in appearance and is made with a nanite smart-mesh that serves a number of useful functions. First, it regulates body temperature, cooling you when overheated and warming you when cold. Second, it provides a basic but helpful layer of armor that helps to repel damage whether blunt or sharp. Third, it is resistant to radiation and electricity. Fourth, it repairs itself when damaged, mending any tears or rips that it may acquire. Marine armor is made of the same material, and the additional plate armor woven into their uniforms are simply the same thing, just more dense. For FATE purposes, the standard uniform provides a - shift in an attacker's net result, and marine armor provides a — shift in an attacker's net result.

Off duty, regular civilian clothes are worn. At all times, every crew member wears a wrist device that serves as a personal communicator, PDA, flashlight, homing beacon and monitors the wearer's vitals.