News Plots

Plots and stories on this game are handled much like a television series, with each major plot scene being an Episode in the longer arc of the Season. After such Episodes, a summary of events will be posted to the Episode Guide so the players unable to attend will know what happened and can remain involved in the plot. Seasons are not fully planned in advance - as the players have a much greater hand in the direction of the plot on this game than they might on most other games, there is no writing ahead and therefore will be no railroading of players into a certain direction. From time to time a junction will be reached and the players will have to decide which path to take as it will not be decided for them. Between Fate Points and the OOC decisions of the player base having sway in the Captain's IC decisions, the story here truly is player driven. While this doesn't mean that you'll always get exactly what you want, it does mean that the story will be going in the directions that the majority of the players would like to see it go.

Actions do have consequences, however, and you'll often get what you ask for, though it may not be what you expected! This game, at its core, is a dark science fiction/survival horror game, and there will be plenty of danger around every corner. Characters will die. Bad things will happen. That's the nature of the game.