Aisling Kartal

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Name Aisling Melissa Kartal Aliases
Branch Navy Rank Petty Officer Third Class
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate March 3, 2093 Age 29
Height 5' 7" (67 in.) Build 129 lbs
Eyes Gray Hair Blonde
Residence Dallas, Texas
Position Intelligence Specialist
Parents James and Andrea Kartal Siblings Jason, Andrew, and Samuel Kartal
Marital Status Single Children Timothy Johnson
First Seen
Last Seen
Service Record A discipline problem when she first joined, Aisling Kartal finally turned her attitude around her second year in the service. She re-enlisted at the end of her first tour and was assigned to Naval Intelligence, gaining the rank of Petty Officer Third Class in her fifth year of duty. There is some recent scandal attached to her name, though there's no official word of what happened, and she volunteered for duty on EVA Genesis.
Aisling Kartal

portrayed by
Olivia Wilde

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