Benjamin Sullivan

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Name Benjamin "Sully" Sullivan Aliases
Branch Navy Rank Chief Petty Officer
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 12/10/2065 Age 57
Height 5'6" Build 240
Eyes Blue Hair Black/Gray
Position Communications Officer
Parents Jack & Denise Sullivan (Deceased) Siblings Henry Sullivan (Deceased)
Marital Status Divorced Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Service Record CPO Benjamin "Sully" Sullivan is the Communications Officer for the EAV Genesis. Before serving in his capacity, he was not in the Navy. He enlisted solely for the purpose of this mission so he could bring the unique knowledge he has in the alien languages contained in the 2112 communication which he helped decipher. Given his education and experience within the NSA, he was immediately promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer upon enlistment.
Benjamin Sullivan

portrayed by
Alec Baldwin

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Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
*Prelude: Not With A Bang April 3, 2011 November 18, 2122 The launch of the EAV Genesis is being filmed live by a WNN film crew and is attended by the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Mansfield. Nothing ever goes as planned, however…
*Episode 1-1: Revelation April 4, 2011 January 9, 2128 Six years into a presumed 10 year voyage, critical members of the Genesis crew are awakened to respond to a discovery made by the ship's scanners.
24 Hour Follow-Up: Sully April 5, 2011 January 10, 2128 Commander Eisley meets with Chief Petty Officer Sullivan to discuss his immediate plan of action following the Givers' revelation.

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