Frank Jackson

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Name Frank Victor Jackson, M.D. Aliases
Branch Navy Rank Lieutenant
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 10/30/2078 Age 44
Height 5'10" Build 170lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence San Diego, CA
Position Ship Psychiatrist/Counselor, Director of Mental Health Services
Parents Master Gunnery Sergeant William Jackson (USMC), Helen Jackson, both deceased. Siblings Sgt. William Jackson (USMC), deceased.
Marital Status Divorced Children Alice Jackson, deceased.
First Seen Last Seen
Service Record Frank V. Jackson enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2098, serving two tours of duty during WWIII. He applied to officer training school in 2100, testing off of the charts. He received a B.S. in Psychology (minor: Biology) from CSU Long Beach in 2104, along with his official officer commission. He earned his M.D. at UC San Diego in 2108, and performed his psychiatry residency at San Diego Naval Hospital. He served as a staff psychiatrist at SDNH from 2112-2117, and as the hospital/base’s Director of Mental Health Services from 2117-2121. He received a DUI in 2120, pleading no contest to a misdemeanor. In 2121, he was involved in a drunk driving incident that resulted in one death and several injuries. Frank was relieved from duty at SDNH that same year, and brought before a military tribunal on charges of vehicular manslaughter and prescription fraud. He accepted a plea deal that would leave him with no felony conviction, no discharge from the military, and allow him to retain his medical license. In exchange, Lt. Commander Frank V. Jackson was demoted to the rank of Lieutenant, given six months of substance abuse counseling, and ordered to report to the crew of the EAV Genesis as the ship’s primary counselor and Director of Mental Health Services.
Frank Jackson

portrayed by
Lance Henriksen


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
*Prelude: Not With A Bang April 3, 2011 November 18, 2122 The launch of the EAV Genesis is being filmed live by a WNN film crew and is attended by the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Mansfield. Nothing ever goes as planned, however…
*Episode 1-1: Revelation April 4, 2011 January 9, 2128 Six years into a presumed 10 year voyage, critical members of the Genesis crew are awakened to respond to a discovery made by the ship's scanners.
*Episode 1-4: The Price of Peace April 28, 2011 February 7, 2128 The human peace delegation goes aboard the alien flagship. Terms are discussed; questions are asked; a trade is brokered.

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