Julia Bradshaw

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Name Julia "Jules" Bradshaw Aliases None
Branch Marines Rank Staff Sergeant
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 11/20/2093 Age 29
Height 5'0" Build 119 lbs
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Genesis
Position Sniper
Parents John & Victoria Bradshaw Siblings Michael, John, and Kurt. All older brothers.
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Service Record Having enlisted straight out of high school with her eyes pointed to the sky, Julia Bradshaw has always gone above and beyond her duties as a Marine. The smallest in her bootcamp and always fighting to prove herself better, she's taken the hardest assignments, gone to the most challenging of training, and usually come out on top. Her excellent record and top scores in sniper training gained her acceptance into Special Operations. She was assigned to a Force Recon unit specifically tasked in a number of covert missions against the rogue states. She worked along side of Xavier Santiago in the special ops team and did her best to keep him out of trouble. Still, the little sniper dreamt of bigger things. When the opportunity came up to take a posting aboard the Genesis, she took it without a second though. A sad farewell was given to her family and then she boarded for the stars.
Julia Bradshaw

portrayed by
Katee Sackhoff

"There is also this intense feeling of looking death in the face, tempting fate, challenging the reaper, so to speak." - U.S Marine Corporal Ron Szpond


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Coldness of a Marine August 2, 2011 March 7, 2011 (back dated) Dominic unthaws Julia while Eisley observes.
General Order #427, Re: Fire Ant Jelly August 2, 2011 March 11, 2128 Lance Corporal Shevchenko declares war on the native ant population, initiating hostilities by blowing up the tree under which they were nesting. He may have been hunting for unobtanium…
*Episode 2-3: Wild Kingdom August 08, 2011 March 21, 2128 After an uneventful first (30+ hour) night on Chrysalis, the landing party finds itself between a pack of the planet's diurnal predators and the lake.

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