Kitty T'An

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Name Rorifer Kittias T'An Aliases Rorifer K. Tague
Branch Navy Rank Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Gender Male Race/Eth. American
Birthdate 02/13/2096 Age 26
Height 5'11.5" Build 188
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence The Genesis
Position Pilot
Parents Carter and Sibyl Tague (birth), Quon and Bai Min T'An (foster) Siblings Charlotte Tague
Marital Status single Children none
First Seen
Last Seen n/a
Service Record Born in America and taken to a foster home in China as one of the first group of cross-fostering situations after the creation of the Alliance. A cultural hybrid and pilot on the Genesis.
Kitty T'An

portrayed by
Zachary Levi

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