Kurt Holtz

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Name Kurt Rainer Holtz Aliases
Branch Navy Rank Chief Petty Officer
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 13, 2075 Age 47
Height 6'3" Build 245
Eyes Blue Hair Brown/Gray
Residence Kaiserslautern, Germany
Position Engineer
Parents Dietrich and Mariele Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Service Record An aerospace engineer by training, Kurt Holtz was conscripted into military service at the beginning of the Third World War. For most of the war he served as an engineering technician on space vehicles, from crude orbital 'warships' to the survey and colonization ships that later journeyed to Luna and Mars. Declining to remain in service after the war as part of the nascent Earth Alliance Navy, he instead mustered out(holding the rank of Chief Petty Officer) and continued his education, obtaining a doctorate in aerospace engineering in 2109 and finding employment as a spaceship designer for General Dynamics.

In 2112, when the Givers' transmission reached Earth, Holtz's prior military experience and work for General Dynamics brought him to the EA Navy's attention when they were looking for designers and engineers to build the EAV Genesis. He was placed in charge of the team that eventually reverse-engineered the alien plans and went on to help oversee construction. Following completion of the vessel, he was requested by the Navy to stay with the project, joining the ship's company itself. He declined, but the Navy simply reactivated him at his wartime rank anyway and assigned him to the Genesis' engineering contingent.

Kurt Holtz

portrayed by
Peter Stormare


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Hawkwind – Master of the Universe

it's all a figment of my mind
in a world that i've designed
i'm charged with cosmic energy
has the world gone mad or is it me?



Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Good Morning Mr. Holtz April 23, 2011 February 5, 2128 Chief Petty Officer Holtz is brought out of stasis.
*Episode 1-3: To Infinity & Beyond April 23, 2011 February 6, 2128 Testing of the black hole communications relay commences, giving the crew of the EAV Genesis its first look at what lies beyond the wormhole. The ship follows, crossing over 500 billion light years in the blink of an eye. There, on the far side of the Corona Borealis Supercluster, the ship finds itself on the heels of a 5 ship fleet of Devourers caught in a mortal engagement with a pair of Parasite ships.
*Episode 1-4: The Price of Peace April 28, 2011 February 7, 2128 The human peace delegation goes aboard the alien flagship. Terms are discussed; questions are asked; a trade is brokered.

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