Never Sisti

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Name Never Sisti Aliases
Branch Marines Rank Sergeant
Gender F Race/Eth. Mixed
Birthdate 2093 Age 29
Height 5'10" Build 147
Eyes Amber Hair Black/Brown
Residence Sydney, Australia
Position Grunt
Parents Jilli Sisti (Mum, Aussie), Toasty (Dad, American, Deceased) Siblings None. Huge family otherwise.
Marital Status Single. Children None.
First Seen Last Seen
Service Record
Never Sisti

portrayed by
Peta Sergeant

Table of Contents



Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
*Episode 2-4: What To Do About Roctopodes August 14, 2011 March 31, 2128 Several members of the landing party gather for a teleconference with personnel still aboard the Genesis. Various findings and theories about the tentacle things living in the cave are discussed.
Marines, Post-Meeting August 14, 2011 March 31, 2128 After the teleconference, a trio of SGTs join the LT for a meet and greet of a sort.
Of Hostile Wildlife & Beer August 16, 2011 April 04, 2128 A trio of SGTs meet by the watering hole & cultural exchange ensues.

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