Pramiti Udita Bharti

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Name Pramiti Udita Bharti Aliases
Branch Navy Rank Lieutenant Commander
Gender Female Race/Eth. Indian
Birthdate December 21, 2195 Age 27
Height 5'9" Build 131 lbs.
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen
Last Seen
Service Record What inspired her mind was the signal. It inspired her to learn more about the universe, to turn outward. She spent her childhood growing in her faith; she would spent her adulthood growing in her knowledge. To an extent, she oriented herself and her adult life, conciously, around the inevitable consequences of the signal, learning not only about the workings of the alien technology behind it, but the firm basics of science as understood currently, so that she might be able to discern with a comprehending eye the principles behind their workings. Or attempt to.

Even joining the Alliance was a part of this end; towards gaining a favorable scientific spot on the ship that would inevitably be sent out. How she reconciled this with her deep religious principles, her official record does not say. As her adult life was centered around it, and it was an undesireable post, her inclusion on the mission was not difficult for her to acheive. She wanted nothing else more, and has no permanent attachements to the world she is leaving behind.

Pramiti Udita Bharti

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