Victoria Eisley

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Name Victoria Eisley Aliases Eisley
Branch Navy Rank Commander
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 01/21/2091 Age 31
Height 5'8" Build 140 lbs.
Eyes Blue Hair Black
Residence Mars Colony, Chryse Planitia
Position Executive Officer
Parents Master Gunnery Sergeant Victor Eisley (USMC), Talia Eisley Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Service Record Though being the only child of Master Gunnery Sergeant Victor Eisley is not, in and of itself, an achievement, this relationship both distinguished Eisley, V. from childhood and set a high benchmark for her future. Barely seven when the Third World War broke out, she was old enough to have her whole life shaped by the last great war. Much of her education was completed abroad, following her father from post to post as the world shrank upon itself. With sterling recommendations from many high ranking officers she was accepted into the Naval Academy in Annapolis, graduating with high honors with a dual degree in political science and pre-law. Upon graduation she assigned to a junior position aboard the EAV Columbus, a research vessel in orbit around Mars, and later promoted to function as a political liaison with the EA naval forces stationed on the red planet. Dealing with mounting of hostilities between colonists on Mars saw her promoted to Lt. Commander, a rank that she held for only two years before the mounting of the Genesis project. There are many rumors surrounding her appointment as XO of the alien-tech ship and her rapid elevation to the rank of Commander because her career, while spotless, was not particularly noteworthy until this sudden fast track. A career officer, she left behind no family to speak of, and it was perhaps this lack of ties as well as no extreme disciplinary issues that made her the ideal candidate for the position.
Victoria Eisley

portrayed by
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe


  • During the six months prior to embarkation and training aboard the Genesis, Eisley's leave was repeatedly interrupted by Secretary Mansfield's demands that she, personally, "check up" on other members of the crew.
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Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
*Recruitment March 24, 2011 May 1, 2122 Various members of the cast meet with Secretary Mansfield and are formally assigned to the EAV Genesis.
Vacation Interrupted March 26, 2011 May 8, 2122 First week of leave and Commander Eisley is sent to bail out Dominic.
Postcards From Egypt March 27, 2011 May 12, 2122 Dr. St-Sirois checks in with Commander Eisley… in person.
Genesis After Hours April 2, 2011 November 12, 2122 Only a few days remain until the EAV Genesis launches. Several members of the crew gather to relax after one more long day of training.
*Prelude: Not With A Bang April 3, 2011 November 18, 2122 The launch of the EAV Genesis is being filmed live by a WNN film crew and is attended by the Secretary of the Navy, Richard Mansfield. Nothing ever goes as planned, however…
Before We Sleep April 4, 2011 November 21, 2122 Final thoughts are shared between the Commander and Chief of Security before they report for stasis.
*Episode 1-1: Revelation April 4, 2011 January 9, 2128 Six years into a presumed 10 year voyage, critical members of the Genesis crew are awakened to respond to a discovery made by the ship's scanners.
24 Hour Follow-Up: Halle April 5, 2011 January 10, 2128 Commander Eisley meets with Gunnery Sergeant Halle to discuss his immediate plan of action following the Givers' revelation.
24 Hour Follow-Up: Sully April 5, 2011 January 10, 2128 Commander Eisley meets with Chief Petty Officer Sullivan to discuss his immediate plan of action following the Givers' revelation.
24 Hour Follow-Up: Kurokawa April 7, 2011 January 10, 2128 Commander Eisley meets with Lieutenant Commander Kurokawa to discuss her immediate plan of action following the Givers' revelation.
*The Other Shoe Drops April 7, 2011 January 11, 2128 Captain Ramesh and Commander Eisley are the first to receive the final transmission from Earth.
Disciplinary Action: Halle April 9, 2011 January 13, 2128 Commander Eisley speaks to Gunnery Sergeant Halle about the incident in the Fabrication Bay.
Disciplinary Action: Kurokawa April 10, 2011 January 14, 2128 Commander Eisley speaks to Lieutenant Commander Kurokawa about the incident in the Fabrication Bay.
24 Hour Follow-Up: St-Sirois April 10, 2011 January 10, 2128 Commander Eisley meets with Dr. St-Sirois to discuss his thoughts following the Givers' revelation.
*The Decision April 11, 2011 January 15, 2128 Captain Ramesh has made his decision regarding which direction the Genesis will head. He discusses it here with Commander Eisley.
*Episode 1-2: Portable Holes April 11, 2011 January 15, 2128 Genesis sensors pick up a distress beacon originating from an unknown alien spacecraft that matches none of the ship's few records. A team is sent over to investigate.
Alien Science and Philosophy April 16, 2011 January 24, 2128 Lieutenant Commander Bharti presents information gleaned about the alien cadavers retrieved from the drifting ship. She and Commander Eisley also discuss the future, and possible responsibility for the fate of humanity.
Defrosting Ivan April 18, 2011 January 28, 2128 Lance Corporal Ivan Shevchenko is brought out of stasis.
Black Hole Theory April 20, 2011 January 31, 2128 The Chief Engineer briefs Commander Eisley about the portable black hole, proposing her best theory about its purpose as a long-range communication device. A test of its capabilities is planned.
Defrosting Cohen April 22, 2011 February 3, 2128 Hydroponics technician Ensign Cohen is brought out of stasis.
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