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Name Victoria Eisley Aliases Eisley
Branch Navy Rank Commander
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 01/21/2091 Age 31
Height 5'8" Build 140 lbs.
Eyes Blue Hair Black
Residence Mars Colony, Chryse Planitia
Position Executive Officer
Parents Master Gunnery Sergeant Victor Eisley (USMC), Talia Eisley Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Last Seen
Service Record Though being the only child of Master Gunnery Sergeant Victor Eisley is not, in and of itself, an achievement, this relationship both distinguished Eisley, V. from childhood and set a high benchmark for her future. Barely seven when the Third World War broke out, she was old enough to have her whole life shaped by the last great war. Much of her education was completed abroad, following her father from post to post as the world shrank upon itself. With sterling recommendations from many high ranking officers she was accepted into the Naval Academy in Annapolis, graduating with high honors with a dual degree in political science and pre-law. Upon graduation she assigned to a junior position aboard the EAV Columbus, a research vessel in orbit around Mars, and later promoted to function as a political liaison with the EA naval forces stationed on the red planet. Dealing with mounting of hostilities between colonists on Mars saw her promoted to Lt. Commander, a rank that she held for only two years before the mounting of the Genesis project. There are many rumors surrounding her appointment as XO of the alien-tech ship and her rapid elevation to the rank of Commander because her career, while spotless, was not particularly noteworthy until this sudden fast track. A career officer, she left behind no family to speak of, and it was perhaps this lack of ties as well as no extreme disciplinary issues that made her the ideal candidate for the position.
Victoria Eisley

portrayed by
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe


  • During the six months prior to embarkation and training aboard the Genesis, Eisley's leave was repeatedly interrupted by Secretary Mansfield's demands that she, personally, "check up" on other members of the crew.
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Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Deep Freeze April 22, 2011 February 3, 2128 Commander Eisley brings Laurel Yin Qingyu and Violetta Stone out of stasis.
Good Morning Mr. Holtz April 23, 2011 February 5, 2128 Chief Petty Officer Holtz is brought out of stasis.
*Episode 1-3: To Infinity & Beyond April 23, 2011 February 6, 2128 Testing of the black hole communications relay commences, giving the crew of the EAV Genesis its first look at what lies beyond the wormhole. The ship follows, crossing over 500 billion light years in the blink of an eye. There, on the far side of the Corona Borealis Supercluster, the ship finds itself on the heels of a 5 ship fleet of Devourers caught in a mortal engagement with a pair of Parasite ships.
Glorious Cyanide Pills! April 25, 2011 February 6, 2128 Commander Eisley's strategy team meets to discuss possible scenarios aboard the alien ship.
Breakthrough April 25, 2011 February 6, 2128 The alien database retrieved from the derelict Parasite ship is finally cracked. Commander Eisley goes to Engineering to review some of its contents, and discusses what is learned with Monoko and Illyanna.
Waking Poe April 26, 2011 February 6, 2128 Petty Officer Poe is brought out of stasis and appraised of the current state of the Genesis.
View From The Starboard Side 26 April, 2011 February 7, 2128 The Captain and XO share thoughts about the upcoming meeting with the Symbiotes.
The Midnight Bells April 26, 2011 February 7, 2128 Petty Officer Yin provides the XO with some hypothetical scenarios, liberally sprinkled with her own brand of sunshine.
*Episode 1-4: The Price of Peace April 28, 2011 February 7, 2128 The human peace delegation goes aboard the alien flagship. Terms are discussed; questions are asked; a trade is brokered.
Flight of the Navigator April 29, 2011 February 8, 2128 Chief Petty Officer Jovanovic is thawed out for navigational needs.
*Episode 2-1: An Ounce Of Planning July 24, 2011 February 24, 2128 Captain Ramesh calls a meeting of the senior officers to discuss humanity's next move.
Paging Dr. Graves... July 27, 2011 February 29, 2128 The crew's trauma surgeon, Dr. Harry Graves, is pulled out of stasis and debriefed.
*Episode 2-2: Official Landing Party August 01, 2011 March 09, 2128 A science team and support unit of Marines arrives on the planet and establishes a foothold. Due to strict safety protocols, quarantine procedures are engaged, making this a temporary one-way trip for those who venture down to the surface.
The Cryogenic Cryptographer August 02, 2011 March 06, 2128 (Backdated log.) One of the ship's communications specialists is brought out of stasis.
Coldness of a Marine August 2, 2011 March 7, 2011 (back dated) Dominic unthaws Julia while Eisley observes.
General Order #427, Re: Fire Ant Jelly August 2, 2011 March 11, 2128 Lance Corporal Shevchenko declares war on the native ant population, initiating hostilities by blowing up the tree under which they were nesting. He may have been hunting for unobtanium…
*Episode 2-3: Wild Kingdom August 08, 2011 March 21, 2128 After an uneventful first (30+ hour) night on Chrysalis, the landing party finds itself between a pack of the planet's diurnal predators and the lake.
Open Season on Sailfin August 10, 2011 March 24, 2128 Various members of the landing party discuss their circumstances and the many ways a planet can kill you. The too-intelligent sailfins interrupt by conducting an experiment, which is met with a lethal response.
*Episode 2-4: What To Do About Roctopodes August 14, 2011 March 31, 2128 Several members of the landing party gather for a teleconference with personnel still aboard the Genesis. Various findings and theories about the tentacle things living in the cave are discussed.
*Spider Pictionary August 18, 2011 April 08, 2128 Navy Seaman Shevchenko has isolated the signal that the sailfins transmit data back to the metal spiders. Commander Eisley and several other members of the landing party gather to attempt to communicate with them.
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