Xavier Santiago

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Name Xavier Santiago Aliases
Branch Marines Rank Sergeant
Gender Male Race/Eth. Hispanic
Birthdate October 1, 2093 Age 29
Height 6'1" Build 195 lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Parents Anna Maria Santiago, deceased Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Last Seen
Service Record Xavier Santiago was recruited as part of a quota-filling initiative by the Marine Corps following the Third World War, which whitewashed his lack of citizenship and native association with the rogue country, Colombia. Performance in the top tier of his unit in basic training and in his initial service as an infantry grunt sped his application to and acceptance into Special Operations, in a Force Recon unit specifically tasked in a number of covert missions against the rogue states. While his military record is impeccable (if sealed in records now lost to time and the ravages of hungry aliens) his personal one is somewhat besmirched, specifically in the death of two civilian college students during a drunken brawl. Given the choice between dishonorable discharge and criminal charges or posting aboard the Genesis, Santiago cast his lot with the ship.
Xavier Santiago

portrayed by
Miguel Iglesias

Table of Contents



Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Who Ordered the Marine? April 24, 2011 February 6, 2128 Dominic unthaws Xavier as the first Marine to be awakened after entering the wormhole.
*One Small Step For Man July 31, 2011 March 07, 2128 A small unit of Marines is dispatched to the planet's surface to secure the landing zone in advance of the Genesis science team.
*Swift, Silent... Not Dead Yet August 10, 2011 March 24, 2011 Xavier Santiago has been on solitary recon since landing on the planet. In spite of having been hunting for several of its long days, he has found nothing of interest. Until now…
Marines, Post-Meeting August 14, 2011 March 31, 2128 After the teleconference, a trio of SGTs join the LT for a meet and greet of a sort.
Of Hostile Wildlife & Beer August 16, 2011 April 04, 2128 A trio of SGTs meet by the watering hole & cultural exchange ensues.
No rest for the Wicked August 17, 2011 April 6, 2128 Illyanna takes a break while working on preparing communications with the Tripods.

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