Season Two

Episode One: February 24, 2128

While The Two attempted to tame their new soldier hosts, the Genesis sat idle in the debris field. Information exchanged both ways provided the crew some greater insight into their unlikely allies, but sitting so long so close to the end of the wormhole also raised tensions.

The Two agreed to keep any more Devourer ships from gaining a foothold in the Corona Borealis Supercluster, freeing the crew of the Genesis to contemplate their next move. Thanks to the aliens' Gate technology, it was possible to lay in a double course, sending the ship to orbit their potential colonization site and launching an unmanned shuttle to a far-flung corner of the galaxy to pursue the origin of the human-like signal.

Episode Two: March 9, 2128

A recon team was sent down to the planet to scout out the landing site ahead of the first group of scientists and crew members. After sending the all clear, two more shuttles went down, one carrying crew members, the other equipment. Camp was quickly established and the equipment set up so that the scientists can begin analyzing the various aspects of the planet needed for survival. Two Marines set out on recon into the mountains had yet to report back, and by the time that camp was completely set up, the 30+ hour night was quickly approaching.

Episode Three: March 21, 2128

After an uneventful day and night on Chrysalis, the landing party had its first encounter with one of the planet's predator species. Diurnal and pack-oriented, these strange creatures combine the best (and worst) features of some sailfin dinosaur and a Terran bull, but with far more intelligence than any animal species encountered by humanity. These creatures demonstrate the capacity to reason and experiment, much to the dismay of the Genesis crew. The first encounter ended peacefully; shots fired over the head of the pack sent it wide around the campsite to the lake.