Wanted Concepts

Character Concept: Science Analyst

Rank: Warrant Officer or better (Navy)
Notes: A member of the science crew, one of several scientists under the command of Lieutenant Commander Pramiti Bharti, Chief Science Officer. Character would be more of a hands on scientist than a theoretical one, dealing with identifying and analyzing alien phenomena in the field, from alien life forms to plant life and geology, and would often be involved in away teams.

Character Concept: Ship Psychiatrist

Rank: Ship Psychiatrist
Notes: The ship's counselor is a physician specializing in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders. This character will be called on to help other crew members deal with the psychological stressors that develop over the course of the mission, as well as other personal issues, mental instabilities, addiction issues, and so forth, and should be available to provide counseling as necessary.

Character Concept: Nurse

Rank: Lieutenant Jr. Grade (Navy - Officer)
Notes: This character will assist the ship's doctors in a wide variety of tasks, including providing basic patient care and aiding in surgical procedures. They will help promote, maintain, and restore patient and population optimum well-being, as well as monitor general patient and population health status. This character may also be assigned to join teams going off-ship for various activities, so some field experience would be helpful.

Character Concept: Yeoman

Rank: Seaman or Petty Officer (Navy - Enlisted)
Notes: Yeomen perform many clerical and administrative tasks. They prepare official correspondence and memos; they are in charge of service records for the personnel on their ship or station; they handle travel arrangements for superior officers and other sailors; they handle legal paperwork and record unauthorized absences. This character is one part customer service representative, as the public face of the Navy; one part administrative assistant, primarily aiding the Captain and XO; and one part office manager, crossing Is and dotting Ts.

Character Concept: Logistics Support Specialist

Rank: Seaman or Petty Officer (Navy - Enlisted)
Notes: This character will be responsible for a lot of the ship's supply and logistics. Since there is no way for the Genesis to requisition more supplies, this character's job is to manage what supplies it does have. Typical duties revolve around the management and inventories of repair parts and general supplies. If one of the crew breaks their datapad and wants a new one, this is the person to ask.

Character Concept: Meteorologist/Oceanographer

Rank: Petty Officer - Chief Petty Officer (Navy - Enlisted) or Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade (Navy - Officer)
Notes: This character will be responsible for collecting, recording, and analyzing meteorological and oceanographic data, making observations about weather and sea conditions, interpreting sensory data about weather patterns and ocean conditions, forecast meteorological and oceanographic conditions; and prepare and present briefings concerning current and predicted environmental conditions and their effect on operations. No degree is required to work in the oceanography and meteorology field in the Navy. However, a four-year degree is required to pursue Officer opportunities.

Character Concept: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense Specialist

Rank: Private - Sergeant (Marines - Enlisted)
Notes: This character's primary responsibility is to ensure their unit is trained and ready to survive and operate in a CBRN environment. You will monitor, survey, conduct biological agent collection and sampling, decontamination of personnel, equipment and casualties, and provide protective measures and first aid for unit personnel. In some of these areas you may work very closely with medical and science personnel.

Updated 12 August, 2011